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The Library Fund

Library Funds are a strategic resource of the University development and a base of the many-sided work of the University Library System. The information potential of the Library Fund is a base of scientific, educational, pedagogical processes of the University and it’s a public, universal source of information in its content.

Nowadays the Funds of the University Library System include more than 2.8 million different documents: from the early editions of the XVIII century to the publications of our times, which are presented in 43 worldwide languages.

A Reference and Bibliographic Fund of the Library is an important component: encyclopedias, general and branch reference books, bibliographical indexes, bibliographical, abstract and analytical publications of information services and international information centres etc.

The Fund includes monographs, scientific periodicals, materials of scientific conferences, theses, author’s abstracts, descriptions of inventions, educational textbooks, methodical materials, reports on science and research activity, regulatory and industrial documents and more.

According to the notional composition the Library Fund is universal, includes printed and electronic publications on social and political, economic, natural, engineering, medical, legal, human sciences and other fields of knowledge.

Types of documents and place of access to them

Document-supply of the Library Fund

Every year the Library receives more than 40 thousand copies, 10 thousand items of books, magazines, newspapers and other materials.

Much attention is paid to replenishment and renewal the Library Fund, use all possible sources of document-supply: charities, gifts of authors, users, publishers, document exchange, accessions from official agencies, ministries and departments.

Centralized spreading of textbooks, which is made by the Ministry of Education by preliminary Library order, is a significant source of acquisition.

In order to replenish Funds the Library organizes document exchange with 80 libraries. From the libraries of higher educational institutions our Library receives mainly publications of universities, scientific periodicals - Bulletins ..., Scientific Notes…, Collections of scientific works ... etc.

Subscription and purchase of materials at publishers, authors, bookstores is a constant source of goal-directed replenishment of the Fund.

Every year nearly 500 names of scientific periodicals are subscribed.

Every year replenishment of the Library Fund increases with his own publications of the University. Every year nearly 50 percent of accessions is provided by the University Publishing House.

The publications, which are absent in the Library Fund, can be ordered and got through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) from other libraries.

All kinds of available documents are represented in the Electronic Catalogue that includes over 400 thousand bibliographic descriptions and more than 35 thousand electronic copies of books, methodical materials, lecture notes, standards, theses, author’s abstracts etc.

Book Exchange

The Library of Sumy State University maintains the document exchange with libraries of Ukraine and foreign countries (including the Library of Congress).

Libraries, organizations and scientific institutions welcome to further cooperation on the document exchange on mutually beneficial terms.

The Library completes scientific, educational, reference publications on human, economic, engineering (energy, electrical engineering, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear energy), natural and exact sciences, medicine and biotechnology.

For the exchange we offer publications of university staff and scientific publications of Publishing House of SSU.

For the exchange you need to select from the "List of publications of employees of Sumy State University for the book exchange".

Send your orders and exchanging proposals at the address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our contacts:
Tel. +3 8 (0542) 687-820, 331-039
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Responsible person for it: Cheban Raisa Volodymyrivna

Our address:
Sumy State University
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