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Green Library


The project "Green Library" is being implemented by the SumDU Library with the support of the Goethe Institute.
The main objective is to facilitate Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) (SDG 2030) and it’s realization for the citizens of Ukraine through informing, training and arrangement of appropriate consumption, sorting, recycling of waste.

The main stages of the project "Green Library" include:

1. Setting up of waste sorting and utilization.

Setting up of waste sorting and utilization. The library takes an active part in university and local environmental cleanup activities from garbage.
In the library there are 35 containers for waste sorting: paper, resource-consuming raw materials (plastic, glass, metal), lids, batteries and paper cups.
Partnerships with PO "Ukraine without waste", "Batteries, give up", "Green Bird".

2. Development and distribution of open educational resources that promote the ecological lifestyle and academic culture.

 Library staff created:

3. Interactive events and exhibitions.


 4. Popularization of eko-thinking.

The SumDU Library continues to promote the development of environmental thinking by helping to change the public awareness and waste management habits.

On March 21 and 25, 2019, the librarians conducted the Eco-Quest "Life without garbage" for schoolchildren in Sumy. During the quest librarians provided information about the idea of "Zero Waste", calling for deliberate approach to consumption and reduce waste. Schoolchildren learned about the golden rules of "5R", the rational use of natural resources, responsible consumption. The final stage of the event was an eco-exam in the form of online games.

During the quest, the children learned to sort the garbage, consolidated knowledge of waste management, studied the main environmental labels and mentioned alternative sources of energy and heat production. It was very interesting and useful for children, everyone of them was very impressed by heard.

Also on March 30, 2019 our collective took part in the competition "Eco cross", which was timed to the World Action "Earth Hour". The terms of the contest were quite interesting. Team members of 5 people had to collect as much garbage as possible in one hour. The team that gathered the most garbage won. The winners received valuable gifts.

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