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Library’s mission is creation, development, keeping and organisation of own and world information resources usage, provision of the users information needs on the principles of availability, efficiency, informativity and comfort.

Library-information centre (library) is among the leaders in Ukraine in the field of library informatization:

- the University information and educational centre;

- an establishment with modern design, equipment and information technologies;

- the developed infrastructure: it contains 51 libraries;

- the access to the information from any place and at any time;

- free complimentary access to resources, computers and Internet;

-constantly develops, expands possibilities and promotes information technologies;

- carries out the users’ training of computer skills and Internet.

Library fund is universal in context and unique in structure.

80 thousand people use information resources (2, 6 million documents on traditional and electronic format), electronic bases and library services. All levels of public (communities) have free, open and complimentary access to information resources of the University Library as well as to information technologies and Internet.

The library supports the Open Access through the Internet to scientific magazines of the university and publications of scientists and university staff. On-line information supply is realized through the library site: library.sumdu.edu.ua, Electronic Catalogue

Electronic Archive of Sumy State University(eSSUIR)

Internet access is provided by 165 automated workplaces and service area WI-FI. The university network containing over 2 000 computers and 89 computer classes provides the access to the library resources from any place.

The system of users’ training, trainings carrying out and educational presentations is developed in the library. The consulting work, on-line information service, on-line consultations from the library site and on the phone is also set. Printing materials (guidebooks, booklets, bookmarkers etc.) are distributed.

The library develops constantly. The library has earned the public authority by its constant aspiration to all new and advanced. We try to follow the market of technologies and services and correspond the world standard. Every day we introduce something new, improve existing, analyze services, study ourselves and  learn users. Our motto is «Constantly study yourselves and train others». And these processes are endless.


11 березня - 30 квітня
«Роздуми в фарбах». Виставка живопису і графіки
українського художника Віктора Шутки.
Літературна вітальня.


12 квітня
"Я озираюся - гуде за мною рід". Авторський вечір Юлії Бережко-Камінської,
української письменниці, журналістки, члена Національної спілки письменників України
та Всеукраїнської літературної асоціації "Конгрес літераторів України".
Літературна вітальня, 15-00.


25 березня
"Портал Statista. Використання статистичних даних для власних досліджень". Семінар.
Відділ інформаційних технологій, БІЦ-213, 15-00.