27 July 2022

On July 25, a meeting was held with colleagues from the Library оf Liverpool University.

Directors, deputy directors and heads of departments of both libraries were present at the meeting.

The meeting was dedicated to discussing the development strategy of both libraries.

The following questions were prepared for the meeting by the Library of Sumy State University:

  1. Could you share the experience of the Department of Open Research?
  2. Can you share a strategic approach to promoting services for students and researchers?
  3. We are very interested in your approach to managing social networks. You have a significant number of Instagram followers and activity (comments, likes). How many librarians are involved in social networks? Could you share your experience of achieving such a result?
  4. What role does your library play in promoting university journals to scientometric and bibliography databases to improve their indexation? Does the library cooperate with the publishing houses of your university journals? If yes, how?
  5. You have a very strong team of subject librarians. What are their main responsibilities?

Colleagues from the Library of Liverpool were interested in our answers to the following questions:

  1. What successes have you achieved in implementing your strategy, and what challenges have you faced?
  2. What support do you have from your university to meet all your digital needs? And does your library have positions for IT specialists to implement the digital aspects of the Strategy? If so, what functions do they perform?
  3. Data Analytics and Digital Services Laboratory: We would be interested to hear about the development of the lab and what form it takes – is it a physical/virtual/hybrid space?
  4. The Library's strategy emphasizes the importance of developing partnerships, particularly with university staff, faculties and departments, as well as the general public. Tell us more about the forms these partnerships have taken?
  5. Teaching and Learning: regarding curriculum analysis - we are interested to know what data you use and how you work with academic departments in this direction? What is the result of this work?
  6. Are there any specific areas in which you would like to work with us or projects that you would like to start with us?

We have achieved success in further areas of cooperation:

  • agreed to hold a separate meeting dedicated to open science, open research practices and data management. Head of Open Research Department Martin Wolf and his team will share their experience of the department's work and functioning.
  • a seminar on improving the qualifications of librarians of Sumy State University on the promoting of social networks is planned. At the Library of Liverpool University Alex Widdeson, who has experience in marketing, is responsible for this area of ​​work. She and her team developed their own strategic approach to promote the Library's social networks and increase the number of followers.

We are sure that our further cooperation will be close and mutually beneficial, and the acquired knowledge and experience will make us stronger and more successful!


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