16 November 2021

SumDU Library presents an exhibition of paintings "Freedom is our Religion". The exposition is represented by paintings by talented Polish and Ukrainian artists Oleksandr Sadovsky, Yulia Aleshchenko, Maria Berezhnytska-Pzhyletska, Borys Danchenko, Georgy Safronov, Nina Bondarenko, Igor Shvachunov, Zbigniew Parzhnevsky, Dmytro Chudnov, Borys Yeromin, Maryna Rozhnyatovska, Alina Slavnopynska and Alan Konopchynsky.

Each painting demonstrates the inner world of its creator, the breadth of views on the theme of "freedom" and has its own history, mood, sophistication and perfection. Along with traditional still lifes, cityscapes - abstract painting and rethinking of native landscapes.

We invite you to join the world of beauty!

The exhibition will last until March 15, 2022 in the Event Room of SumDU Library (BIC-204). We work in compliance with quarantine requirements.

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