04 October 2021

Elegant and bright pottery, unique motanka dolls, incredible beauty of vytynanky, wonderful wooden sculptures and paintings, and this is only a small part of the collection of masters of the "Sumy Regional Branch of the National Union of Masters of Folk Art", which is presented in the Sumy State University Library.

The exhibition features about fifty works. The authors of the works are professional artists and art critics who are engaged in various types and genres of folk art: Krolevets woven towels, pottery, wood carving, embroidery, modeling of clothing elements based on folk traditions, Easter painting, weaving of straw and wicker, vytynanka, beating, folk painting, sculpture, beadwork, weaving edges, and napkins, etc.

For centuries, folk art has acquired perfection, finished forms, producing an original style, flawless in its internal completeness. It organically entered the life of the people, associated with their daily life.

You will not be able to remain indifferent, looking at these original beautiful things and products that impress with inexhaustible ingenuity, deep optimism, all-conquering sincerity!

The exhibition will last until November 15, 2021 in the Event Room of Sumy State University Library. (LIC-204).


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