SumDU Library provides a paid service on editing references for edition and scientific works by with DSTU 7.1: 2006, DSTU 8302: 2015, and International Citation Styles.

The term of the service is 2-14 working days.

Fill in the form or contact the Information & Bibliography Department (r. 212).


Contact person: 

Inna BulyhaInna Bulyha 

Head of Information & Bibliography Department 

  +38 (0542) 68-79-29

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Sumy State University Library (r. 212)

Rymskogo-Korsakova str., Sumy, 40007

Sumy State University Library
Rymskoho-Korsakova str., 2,
40007, Ukraine, Sumy

  +38 (0542) 33-10-39

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