Winter holidays are a time of rest and fun. And for the student it’s the session time. 

How to multitask effectively without exhausting yourself? Here are some simple but effective rules:

  • Clearly set a goal: determine what you want and the result you want
  • Set priorities: what is required to be done today and what is really not urgently.
  • Be organized: refuse from pretenses, plan for the day, for the week, for the future.
  • Change your activity and rest.
  • Organize and save the needed information.
  • Form your own motivation for success.
  • Define your goals and action plan for 2020: what you really want to achieve in the new year.

Do you want to have evough time for all this, but don't know how? Move at the "right speed", develop your personality, learn something new and improve yourself. Books from the shelves of the library reading room will be useful for you.

There is hardly to find a student in the world who has no "tails" among his planned affairs. Finally, there is a good lifehack: not only live the exams, live the things that will come after them − vacations! Plan, organize meeting with your friends, get acquainted with world bestsellers and fiction novelties. Find the required book in the Reading Room of Central Library (room 305) or in the E-Catalog and order it for a Overnight Loan.


Remember, the library works even on vacations.

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