20 December 2019

We invite everyone to the SumDU Library for an exhibition of glass paintings in the technique of fusing and mosaic of "Fusing Magic". The exhibition presents a variety of stained glass paintings, which are handmade by stained glass masters of the Studio "Color's Mystery".

Fusing is a technique for sintering colored glass in an oven at 800 °C. The glass softens, melts and becomes liquid, and the pieces of colored glass merge into the glass sheet-base, becoming one whole and forming a drawing. The masters of the studio have been creating beautiful paintings in the technique of fusion since 2002.  They can "feel" the glass, have a firm hand and developed artistic thinking. These techniques allow you to convey the variety of color, volume, and texture of the displayed elements in the picture.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of glass paintings!
The exhibition runs in the lobby of the Central Library Subscription.


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