05 August 2022

To support Ukrainian doctors, BMJ Publishing Group Ltd provides free access to the online edition of the British Medical Journal, namely to two online resources - BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning.

Access is provided throughout the territory of Ukraine, without binding to the institution's IP address.

To use the resources, go to the appropriate link and register (if not already registered):

Access to BMJ Best Practice

Access to BMJ Learning

British Medical Journal – one of the oldest peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, a global provider of educational services in the field of medicine for a diverse readership.

BMJ Best Practice – an online clinical decision support tool designed to aid in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patient diseases.

BMJ Learning – an online educational resource for doctors and other healthcare professionals, which hosts more than 100 accredited, peer-reviewed training modules in various formats. Some of the materials are available in Ukrainian.


Use of the resource requires mandatory compliance with the following conditions:

1. It is not allowed to distribute and/or transfer to third parties the login/password for access to the resource.
2. Full texts of documents (articles, books, chapters, etc.) may be printed or saved only for personal use for educational and research purposes.
3. Systematic uploading of documents or search results, in particular with the use of robots, is not allowed. In case of non-compliance with the requirements of this clause, access to the resource will be terminated for the entire institution.
4. It is not allowed to transfer documents to third parties either in electronic or printed form.
5. Commercial use of research results is not allowed.

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