23 July 2022

The academic year has already ended and all textbooks must be returned to the library.
We are working and waiting for you!

Check which books are listed on your form (see the Given documents tab). Access - from the Electronic catalog subject to authorization.

Library opening hours:
From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00

Books can be returned to any branch of the library:
- Central Library, Rimskogo-Korsakova str. 2
- Library of the Medical Institute, Sanatorna str. 31
- Library branch, Pokrovska str. 9/1

- you can Bring textbooks personally
- another person (friends, relatives, acquaintances) can bring your books instead of you at your request
new! Send us books by mail (!!! Subject to delivery by courier and payment at the expense of the sender.)

When sending by mail, specify the following details:
Library of Sumy State University
St. Rimsky-Korsakov, 2
Contact person:
Iryna Anatolyivna Kovalenko
066 996 50 94

Information in Ukrainian:
Бібліотека Сумського державного університету
вул. Римського-Корсакова, 2
Контактна особа:
Коваленко Ірина Анатоліївна
066 996 50 94

!!! A library card is NOT required when returning books.

In case of loss or impossibility to return literature the user must replace lost or damaged literature with the same or equivalent current literature (publication date - last 3 years; Basic Library Rules Sumy State University p. 3.2). You can order books on the websites of publishers "Medicine", "Nova knyga", "Universitetska knyga".

Do you have any questions? Call us or write:
+38 (0542) 68-79-29
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sumy State University Library
Rymskoho-Korsakova str., 2,
40007, Ukraine, Sumy

  +38 (0542) 68-79-29
  [email protected]

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