Post Date:
13 May 2022

Clarivate has announced the opening of an online resource center to support Ukraine, which includes providing free remote access to the RapidILL to all Ukrainian higher education institutions.

RapidILL will allow researchers, librarians and students who cannot access their university buildings to get access quickly and easily to the collections of more than 500 of the world's leading libraries from their new remote locations.

If you need a journal article or a book chapter, use the RapidILL service.

Choose a convenient way:

 How does RapidILL work?

  • Send a request for a journal article or a book chapter

  • Getting the e-version. Less-than-24-hour receipt of article and book chapter requests

In order for a request to be accepted for processing, you have to specify:

for a journal article: title of the article, title of the journal, year of publication, volume and issue, pages, ISSN or OCLC of the journal;

for a book chapter: book title, chapter’s title, year of publication, pages, ISBN or OCLC.


Additional information

User's Video Instruction
Instructions for Using the RapidILL Service
Top Five Tips for Borrowing in the RapidILL

To get a login and password or if you have some questions about working with the service, contact our consultant

Фандікова ЯнаYana Fandikova
Leading Librarian 
  +38 (0542) 68-79-14
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 БІЦ-212, Kharkivska str., 116



Sumy State University Library
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