13 September 2021

How to organize your time so that everything is on time and get results?

Your assistants will be mobile productivity applications that will help you use your time efficiently.


 WorkFlowy is a super tool for creating to-do lists. Work with the team in large-scale projects, save notes, archive materials, plan important events.

 Sticky Notes is a tool for creating notes on the desktop with reminders that will help you not to miss a single task.

 RescueTime is a service to deal with information overload and multitasking. Keep track of your time spent on social media.

 TimerTab are timer, alarm, and stopwatch functions in your browser. To complete the task, read the web pages for the time specified by you. An audible signal will indicate that the task time is up.

 Pocket is a tool that will allow you to save all the useful links that you can return to later. This way you will concentrate on work and not lose your favorite materials.

 Todoist is application will help you make a list of tasks by priority and evaluate your performance.

 Evernote it's like your favorite notebook, only better. You can create text, voice, or visual notes in the application. Work online or offline.

Choose your tool for organizing your own time. Be productive and doing more.


More about organizers that will change your life, read in the publication.

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