This professional holiday unites all those who have chosen their mission of serving the law and justice. Who helps people, gives faith in the honesty and impartiality of the law, defends the truth, stands for the defense of constitutional rights and freedoms, upholds the fundamental principles of the rule of law.

Special mention should be made by those experienced legal professionals who educate and train future law professionals.

The faculty of ERI Law of SSU has the talent and vocation to generously impart its knowledge, professionalism, erudition, own experience to the student, instill love for the future profession and belief in high ideals of justice.

Scientific achievements of experienced specialists allow students to get good knowledge and quality education, continue the traditions of the Ukrainian law school, make invaluable contribution to the legal science and lawmaking, to the formation of the legal culture of society.

In 2016 -2019 only 18 titles of monographs, textbooks, which were authored by scientists and teachers of the ERI Law of SSU, were submitted to the Library Fund. 25 abstracts and dissertations were received, which were defended on the basis of the ERI Law of SSU. For 3 years the library's educational fund has been supplemented by 66 names of methodical instructions, test tasks, workshops, collections of legal problems, developed by the employees of the Institute.

Dear teachers and students and alumni!

We sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Lawyer and wish you further professional achievements, success in hard work, good health, peace and harmony, the rule of law and law in everyday life!


Publishing research in international peer-reviewed journals is essential for every researcher. Today are tens of thousands of academic journals to choose from. Submitting a paper to an unsuitable journal is a key cause of article rejection, but it can be difficult to narrow down which journal is best suited.





There are some digital tools that assist with identifying the right journal for a research project:

JournalFinder (Elsevier)

Journal suggester (Springer Nature)

Enago Open Access Journal Finder


At the SSU Library, anyone can complete an AR-quest (Augmented Reality) with their smartphone!
Read the QR code, go through the library mazes, solve the Raccoon challenge and get prizes!
Spend your free time with benefits! The raccoon is waiting for the erudite.


For the implementation of projects "Reading changes us and everything around us" and "Green Library," Library of SumDU won the nomination "Great Library" at the contest "Library of the Year 2019" which was held by Ukrainian Library Association.

Within the project "Reading changes us and everything around us" meetings with artists, writers, poets, public figures are held continually. With help of of the Media Communication and advertising Center and Technology Center of eLearning the SumDU Library created the video "Kitchen of the Reading" and virtual quest "Dive into the world of books". Thanks to the support of the university administration, the library is constantly updating its collections with modern, popular, scientific, educational literature and fiction. The library staff actively teach academic writing and literacy the SumDU students.

The Green Library Project has been implemented by the SumDU Library with the support of the Goethe Institute (Germany) since September 2018. Its main purpose is to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) and their implementation for the Sumy community through information consulting, training and the own example of responsible consumption, sorting and recycling. 


Well-known journalist and historian Vakhtang Kipiani presented the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus" on September 24, 2019. The presentation took place at two locations – the Central library and Congress Center. About two hundreds of students, lecturers and guests attended this events. The author's versatility, friendly atmosphere, interesting facts about Vasyl Stus's life did not leave anyone indifferent. 

The publication "Case Vasyl Stus" contains the most interesting and little known facts of life imprisonment and the death of one of the most notable poets of the twentieth century - Vasyl Stus. His writings were forbidden in Ukraine and were published only abroad. The book is based on a six-volume criminal case stored on the shelves of the Security Service of Ukraine State Archive.

Vakhtang Kipiani presented 3 books with dedicatory signature to the Sumy State University Library. Our readers can take these books at the Circulation desk of the Central Library.

From October 1, 2019 to November 1, 2019, test access to the EBSCOhost database ("EP Package standard").

EBSCO "EP Package Standard" consists of 11 databases covering a wide range of topics, from business and humanities to medicine and ecology.


  • Academic Search Premier
  • Business Source Premier
  • Regional Business News
  • MasterFILE Premier
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
  • Health Source: Consumer Edition
  • Newspaper Source
  • Education Resource Information Center (ERIC)
  • GreenFile
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • Teacher Reference Center
  • European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750

Please find below links to short YouTube tutorial videos presenting basic features and search options of EBSCO databases:

Test access to the resource was provided as part of SumDU participation in the ElibUkr project.

Access conditions:

The resource is accessible from all computers of the university.

For remote access from personal devices, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We invite you to visit the personal exhibition of Mikhail Yudenkov "Seasons".

Mykhaylo Yudenkov - painter, graphic artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The master works in the field of easel painting, graphics. The author’s works are stored in the Lebedinsky Art Museum named after B.K. Rudnev, Sumy Regional Art Museum named after N. Onatsky, Konotop Local History Museum named after A.M. Lazarevsky, A.P. Chekhov Museum (Sumy).

The exhibition presents works written in the last two years, as well as paintings created in an earlier period of creativity. Mikhail Yudenkov positions himself as an
artist with an informal view of art. He is considered a "follower of Paul Cezanne". In this exhibition you can see the cityscape, ancient streets, churches and temples of the city and the incredible beauty of the scenery. All works are interesting and clear, harmonious, deep, inviting the viewer to think.

Interesting events, meetings, promotions that will take place this week in our university - in the digest!
Now you know how to make the most of your free time.


September 15 - November 10, 2019 "ECOTIME - 2019" Young Ecologists Competition. Registration is free. Deadline - 10/15/2019.
Contacts: secretary of the organizing committee of the competition Serhiy Kunatenko, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel .: 099-433-22-09

Sumy State University's Scientific Advisory and Training Center is recruiting a group of students for the "Web Development" course. Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

October 8, from 9:00 to 23:30, Netcracker's Application Analyst course registration will take place.
Netcracker Educational Center, SumDU, Rymskogo-Korsakova str., 2.

October 8, at 15:00 in N-316, SumDU will open a workshop for writing grant applications. Do you remember that you can write your own project, which can be financed with university funds? Deadline for applications is October 21.

ІІІ Social Video Advertising Contest "Honesty Begins With You". Competition projects are accepted from September 20 until November 17, 2019. Students and educational institutions of Ukraine (schools, colleges, institutes, universities, etc.) are invited to participate.


The pool continues to recruit for sports sections for swimming.
Sumy State University, Rymskogo-Korsakova str., 2, +38 (0542) 33-03-50.

Sports sections invite students to:
Sumy, Rymskogo-Korsakova str., 2, SSU Sports Club, +38 (0542) 33-30-79.


October 7 at 14:00 at the Sumy State University Congress Center within the framework of the Program for the Restoration of Peace and Dialogue for Internally Displaced Women "The Voice of a Woman has Power" there will be an art exhibition "Peacebuilding".
Sumy State University Congress Center, Pokrovska str., 9/1.

October 7 at 16:00. Opening of the project "Culture and art unites the country" of the Mariupol group of artists "Harbord" within exchange exhibitions between Sumy and Mariupol artists. Free entrance.
Sumy State University Congress Center, Pokrovska str., 9/1.

On October 7, at 18:30, Bookstore E and the House Chimera Publishing House are invited to the presentation of a new horror novel by Kseniya Tsyganchuk "On the other side of memory". Free entrance.
Sumy str. Soborna, 44, tel .: (054) 270-19-04.

October 8 at 15:00, gathering near the G-200. Student of SumDU? Can you dance? This is your last chance to get into the team of the Golden Integral.

On October 8, at 18:30, the bookstore "E" invites you to a lecture on "Nutrition and Intelligence. How to improve brain work?" by Natalia Kuchma - candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Sumy State University Medical Institute, Doctor-Therapist. Free entrance.
Sumy, Soborna str., 44, tel.: (054) 270-19-04.

November 9 at 16:30. Creative evening and a coffee conversation with the student dean for the music of the "November 17 band". It will be delicious, sincere, creative and with prizes.
Mirror hall of N-building of SumDU.

October 10 at 15:00. Opening of the exhibition "Art Portrait of the Yefimenko Family" to the day of the artist. The exhibition will run until November 10.
Nikanor Onatsky Regional Art Museum in Sumy.

The Medical Institute library gets online access to the USMLE-Rx information system. The American Test Database provides the student with a unique opportunity to prepare for the International Medicine Essay Exam (IFOM).

IFOM is a part of the State Qualification Examination.

The world's most respected international certification agency The National Board of Medical Examiners (NMBE, USA) is responsible for testing development and efficiency evaluation.

The information platform is represented by 2 modules: Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1:

- 2 200 test tasks of varying complexity;

- 10 000 flash cards (cards containing theoretical material);

- 80 hours of training videos;

- 600 illustrated diagrams and tables.

Step 2:

- 2 100 test tasks of varying complexity;

- a detailed explanation of the chosen answer;

- view thematic material for each section.

The teacher gets the opportunity to:

- view the lectures and videos of leading American teachers and doctors;

- check the preparation of students with the help of tests and a workbook with extended questions.

The student gets the opportunity to:

  • study using theoretical material and video;
  • test yourself with tests and a workbook;
  • reproduction of the licensing exam Step2.


The materials of the base are developed and systematically updated by leading doctors, teachers and medical editors of the American company MedIQ Learning.

Access to the platform is available during the year at the Reading room of the Medical Institute Library: Step 1 - Comp. № 11, Step 2 - Comp. № 10.



From now you can prepare for the exam at the Reading Room of the Medical Institute Library. The library collections replenished with the modern edition of Kaplan company, which is a leader in educational innovation. The edition contains official lecture notes on subject areas that students need to study at the stage of preparation for the International Medicine Examination (IFOM).

The materials are distributed by books according to the medical fields:

Step 1: Anatomy. Behavioral Science and Social Sciences. Biochemistry and Medical Genetics. Immunology and Microbiology. Pathology. Pharmacology. Physiology.


Step 2: Internal Medicine. Obstetrics and Gynecology. Pediatrics. Psychiatry, Epidemiology, Ethics, Patient Safety. Surgery.

Sumy State University Library
Rymskoho-Korsakova str., 2,
40007, Ukraine, Sumy

  +38 (0542) 33-10-39

When using materials from the site of the Library of the SumDU, the reference to the resource is necessarily!