Strategic planning, consistent, deliberate, coordinated teamwork are essential to the success of any organisation.

But since 24 February, society has found itself in a new environment. Every day a brutal war makes its adjustments to our lives, but we believe in our Victory, thank the AFU and continue to live and work on the information front.

20 October 2022 The Academic Council of the University approved the Library Development Strategy 2023-2027.

"The Sumy State University Library is the best in Ukraine, primarily through the presentation of its capabilities in web space," said pro-rector Inna SHKOLNIK when reviewing the results of the Library's development strategy for 2018-2022, which is a multifunctional information, educational and cultural centre, with innovative technologies and modern service facilities.

Traditionally in our Strategy we take a client-oriented approach, because we are sure: YOU are our users, and YOUR information needs and desires are the number one priority for us.

We focus our activities on quality information support that contributes to the development of the university's research and academic activities.

We design and modernise our facilities for YOUR educational and creative leisure time.

It is for YOU that we improve our own resources, expand our services and online services, and organise access to international databases.

We teach and we learn.

And... we do many more things in collaboration with YOU and for YOU. And it is YOU who help us become better and inspire new ideas.

Let's go together towards new plans, new actions, new results - the course is set for SUCCESS!


Your Library.

Sumy State University Library
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