Data Analysis & Visualization


Excel is one of the most affordable tools for analyzing and visualizing data. It allows you to quickly sort, filter, analyze data.

Power BI a comprehensive business analytics software that allows you to visualize data for quick decision making. The tool is available as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

R is the programming language and software environment for statistical computing, analysis and image data in graphical form.

RStudio IDE is an integrated development environment for R, computational statistics programming language and data visualization.

Open Refine a powerful tool for purification, transformation, analysis, data visualization.

MATLAB is a high-level language and an interactive environment for programming, numerical calculations, and visualization. The test period of 30 days.

KDnuggets is an open platform for searching software for various data analysis and machine learning tasks.

Kaggle (Google LLC) is an open platform for machine learning and data analysis.

DatawrapperChartgo is a charting platform.

Top 6 Data Programming Languages.

PowerPointGoogle SlidesKeynotePreziPowToonMoovlyVyond, PlotagonCrello can be used to create presentations.

GeniallyVenngagePiktochartVismeInfogr.amEasel.lySnapApp can be used to create infographics.

CanvaPIXLRPhoto Pos ProGIMP are free & paid graphic design software.

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator is graphic design. Licensed software is presented in the study audience of the G1106 Department of Journalism.

Atavist is a platform allows you to dilute text not only with pictures or videos but also with interactive charts, maps, and GIFs. It actively cooperates with social networks. The service is used to create massive projects that contain a lot of visual content. Example

Medium is a blogging platform, simple and easy to use, but limited in functionality. Example

Ready Mag is a service offers options for designing "caps" of projects. Longridge's "opening word" can be set as precisely as you want. Example

ShortHand is a service that lets you add animated infographics, event logs, and various types of multimedia content to your text. Simple and easy to use, but the functionality is basic too. Example

ThingLink is a service for creating images with clickable links.

GIPHY is a creating GIF. 

amCharts is creating interactive infographics. 

Stat Planet is the creation of static and interactive maps.

Mapme is an interactive mapping tool.

Playbuzz is an online platform for creating interactive content: tests, polls, slideshows, articles with animated pictures.

The list of licensed software available to students and professors of the SumDU.

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