Alpha Vantage is a leading provider of free APIs for real-time and historical data on stocks, forex (FX), and digital / cryptocurrencies.

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is search data and scientific information.

Google Dataset Search is a Google search service.

Google Data Studio is a service allows you to visualize and interactively explore data on dashboards or reports, easily share and publish information from different systems (Adwords, BigQuery, Google Analytics, Google Sheets), design them into visual charts, tables, charts and observe changes in real time.

Google Public Data is a service has data sets from the World Bank, IMF, Eurostat, etc. Public data provides global statistics on the environment, economy, labor, health, education, poverty, etc.

Google Trends is a public application is based on Google search, which shows how often a certain term is searched for in relation to the total volume of search queries in different regions of the world and in different languages.

IFIs projects is an official state portal with a register of projects of social and economic development of Ukraine, which are implemented with the involvement of funds of international financial organizations.

Internet Live Stats a monitor's internet usage statistics (number of websites, emails sent, active social media users).

Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learners, owned by Google LLC.

KDnuggets is the largest data mining portal.

Knoema is a global data source that allows users to find, visualize, model, and present their own and global data to facilitate decision-making.

Open Budget is a state web portal "Budget for Citizens" with open data on public finances: state and local budgets. Here, you can use the BOOST tool to analyze budget metrics.

Open Data Impact Map a public database of organizations that use open government data around the world. is a registry of research data repositories. 

Spending is an official information resource with open data on the use of budget funds in Ukraine and the largest database on public finances of Ukraine.

Statista a portal to search the various statistical databases of the world.

UNData is a search engine that lets you download data from United Nations statistical resources.

Worldometers is a real-time keeps track of statistics on the world population, government, and politics, natural resources, health, media.



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