Remote Work changes the usual business life. This mode of work has become a necessary element in life, especially in times of quarantine restrictions. So how do you arrange work outside the office, you ask? It is essential here to stick with deadlines, to be able to redistribute efforts, delegate tasks, work systematically, and effectively so that you do not miss anything. We offer tools for remote work:


Teamwork Building:

Slack is a corporate messenger to create and discuss topics (channels). It is possible to add participants, make audio and video calls. Slack lets you search all your messages at once and integrates with many other services.

Microsoft Teams service is part of Office 365 and is used to communicate effectively to the team through chats, online meetings, calls, and web conferencing.

Team Viewer is a remote computer monitoring software package that allows you to work remotely and share files.

AnyDesk is a program for remote access and computer management.

Google G Suite is a tool from Google. G Suite includes such popular web applications from Google as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs. Available on prepayment.


Video, organizing online seminars, recording video lectures:

Zoom Web Conferencing one of the best video conferencing tools for many participants, lets you connect with chats and record video calls.

Microsoft Teams a tool for organization of meetings, conferences, communication with students, joint educational, and management activities. It allows you to make audio and video calls between participants up to 250 people. For live webinars with up to 10,000 participants, you can use Live Events.

SKYPE a tool that allows you to make audio and video calls, conferences, send messages and share files.

Skype for Busines an application for making audio and video calls, instant messaging, web conferencing, and file transfer.

Citrix GoToMeeting a tool for web conferencing and document collaboration.

YouTube Live Streaming the platform allows live recordings and is used by organizers of large conferences.

Hungouts Meet a tool from Google, lets you chat in group chats, video conferencing, and online meetings.

WebEx an online meeting program: meetings, videoconferences, training, and seminars. WebEx has a wide range of features, from presenting presentations to online sharing boards.

Google Duo is a mobile video chat application that lets you chat with people on your contacts list.

Google Meet is a service for creating web conferences, organizing meetings, communicating with students of up to 250 participants. It is possible to use the service on smartphones after installing the necessary application.


Available 90 day professional systems:

CISCO Webex a professional platform for organizing CISCO web conferences and webinars. It allows you to join open webinars on their platform and host your open webinars for the entire community.

Adobe Connect professional platform designed for distance learning, online conferencing, meetings, online customer support, information sharing, and other useful features.


Document handling and file sharing:

OneDrive Microsoft service allows you to save files, share them with others, and collaborate in real-time.

GoogleDrive a Google data repository that lets you store, share, and collaborate on data.

Dropbox is a tool that allows you to access your information from any place where there is an internet connection, share it with other users, synchronize data between devices.

iCloud Apple's cloud storage. The service allows you to back up your tools.


Organization and control of training tasks and work projects (task managers):

Google Classroom is a tool that helps you create and organize assignments, grade, comment, and communicate with students in real-time.

Trello is a simple project management service. With the help of boards, lists, and cards, you can organize the entire team in virtual mode.

Asana is a task manager that helps you collect all tasks in one place and sort them in a convenient order.

Todoist is a service reminiscent of a classic to-do list that can be color-coded.

Jira is a project management program that allows you to assign contractors, control the execution of tasks. Subscription access.

Office 365 Planner is a service that allows you to create a plan, team, assign tasks, and update status.

Microsoft Project is a tool for managing complex projects.

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