Visualization (graphical representation) increases the efficiency of the perception of large amounts of various information, allows you to compare data values and identify patterns.

The most common ways to visualize data are:

  • graphs, diagrams, diagrams;
  • infographics, illustration;
  • interactive setting;
  • business analyst;
  • maps and cartograms.

A wide variety of tools can be used to create data and graphic objects:


Adobe Illustrator is a licensed vector graphic editor for creating illustrations and web design. Available at SumDU at the Department of Journalism (room G1106).

Adobe Photoshop is a licensed professional multifunctional graphic editor, works with bitmaps, has vector tools. Available at SumDU at the Department of Journalism (room G1106).

amCharts is a platform for creating interactive infographics.

Calameo is a service for creating interactive publications (in the form of magazines, brochures, catalogs, reports, etc.). The interactive document is designed to preserve the feel of a paper document: you can flip through pages, mark interesting points, and more. There is a possibility of free use.

Canva is a cross-platform free graphics editor with additional paid services. It provides access to a built-in template library, stock photos, vector images, graphics, and fonts. There is paid content.

Crello is a graphical online editor that lets you create images for social networks, banner ads, posters, headlines, and more. Offers over 10,000 free access templates. Has a paid subscription with advanced features.

Desygner an online editor for presentations, promotional material, social networking posts, and more. It gives you access to a wealth of free material that you can edit and create your designs without infringing on a copyright.

Flourish a tool for visualizing data and storytelling. It allows you to turn information into charts, maps and interactive stories. It can also attract an audience by creating graphics and animation stories that add dynamism. In addition, this program can embed images and thus illustrate presentations and graphics. an online tool that allows you to create infographics and visualize data with various icons in the form of moving men, lines, and charts.

Genially is an online tool for creating presentations, interactive images, infographics, quizzes that have a wide selection of visual effects and animations.

GIPHY is a service for creating GIFs.

Giphy GIF Maker is a service for creating animated GIFs and captioned GIFs.

GIMP a program for creating and processing raster graphics with support for working with vector graphics. The functionality and purpose of Gimp can be compared to Adobe Photoshop.

Piktochart a web application that offers free and paid packages for creating presentations and infographics using themed templates.

Snappa is a graphic design and infographic tool designed for non-designers. Free access includes 5 downloads per month.

ThingLink is a service for creating images with active links.

Vecteezy is an online editor of free vector graphics. Allows you to download from the directory, create vector graphics on your own, and draw clip art in your browser that you can save and use in your own projects.

Venngage an online designer to create graphic design and infographics. The service is used by companies: Google, Forbes, Microsoft, and others. It allows you to upload videos directly from YouTube. Free to create 5 templates.

Visme an online platform for creating infographics, online presentations, animations, animated banners, and other visual content.

Dygraphs a large data visualization tool that allows you to create and explore interactive, scalable charts.

Excel spreadsheet software is part of Microsoft Office. It is necessary for calculations, data analysis, forecasting, graphing, tables and charts, calculations of simple and complex functions. a service for creating interactive visualization. More than 30 chart types and six design themes. You enter the data in an editor, upload it in a spreadsheet or text format, or import it from the cloud. Then choose what you want to get – a chart, graph, map.

Plotly a platform that creates charts, graphs. Works with JavaScript, Python, R, Matlab, Excel. Import data from multiple sources (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redshift, Excel.

VisualizeFree is a cloud service that works with both publicly available datasets and your own downloaded ones. Supports xls, xlsx, csv. The created renderings are embedded on the sites using the iframe. The visualization can be exported in Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. The service is free.

Fusiontables Google tool for creating charts, graphs, and maps. Helps to collect, visualize and display data on a site.

Bibliometric visualizations can be powerful tools for identifying key patterns in large sets of bibliometric data. However, the fact that multiple applications are often required to build and build communication networks can make this kind of analysis difficult.

Due to the ease of use and intuitive interface, a common tool for visualizing bibliographic data is the VosViewer tool.

VOSviewer is a software tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks such as journals, researchers, or individual publications, and they can be constructed based on citation, bibliographic coupling, co-citation, or co-authorship relations. VOSviewer also offers text mining functionality that can be used to construct and visualize co-occurrence networks of important terms extracted from a body of scientific literature.

Tableau Public a data analytics tool that provides information through data visualization without programming. The visualizations published in Tableau Public are embedded in blogs, web pages. Shared content can be made available for download.

Map Services is a service that creates maps, objects, and data. Popular with users of web applications that work online. Maps can be used offline, they must be preloaded on the device, have less capacity than online.


ArcGIS Online is a platform with a data cloud for collaboration. A Free ArcGIS Online Account allows you to create, store, manage web maps, applications, base maps, and other spatial data.

Bing Maps Microsoft's mapping service, Bing Maps, functionality similar to Google Maps. The advantage of the service is the detail of the terrain and the high quality of the image. Bing Cards contain photos with a total resolution of 121 trillion pixels. Special steering gestures and highway route guidance available for touch screen operation.

Exhibit the platform allows you to create interactive maps and visualizations, for statistical and historical datasets, such as flags of different countries or places of birth of famous people.

Google Maps a set of applications based on a free mapping service. Google Maps gives you the opportunity to use your resources on third-party services. The shooting is done using advanced techniques, the pictures are updated regularly, schematics and photos of new routes appear. Using the Google Maps API, you can place any map on an external site by managing it through the JavaScript API.

InstantAtlas platform for creating data visualizations in the form of information cards. It can design interactive dynamic reports that combine cartographic data and statistics. It is also possible to explore specific regions and disseminate important data in these areas. The site has access to information from certain countries according to geographical data. In order to get it, the map should be noted in the region and the country, local authorities, districts, middle and lower points.

Mapme is an online mapping tool.

Mind42 a free online platform for creating intelligence maps and conducting online research. It allows you to save collections of small records with link structure.

Modest Maps it is a library for people who want to use interactive cards in projects. Here, you can refine the functionality for personal needs, taking into account your own custom experience. It is possible to add their codes and expand the library through additional plugins with valuable features.

NASA World Wind is a 3D interactive virtual globe that uses NASA satellite imagery and USGS aerial imagery to build 3D models of Earth, Moon, Mars, and Venus. NASA World Wind uses an open-source license. The program runs only under Microsoft Windows operating systems.

OpenStreetMap map project of a free geographical map of the world, created by Internet users. Data obtained from open sources, transmitted by governmental and commercial organizations, and collected during the field research by ordinary project participants. OpenStreetMap's data is free to use for any purpose.

Snazzy Maps a free map creation tool designed to work with Google Maps. It will help to find the interesting design of the map from the finished samples and to create unique styles for registration of terrain maps.

Stat Planet is a service for creating static and interactive maps.

Wikimapia a multilingual project based on a combination of electronic maps (Google Maps, Google Earth and the like) and wikis. The resource is completely free and edited by users under the control of the site administration. Users can describe objects on the online map using the built-in editing features, add categories, comments, descriptions, and photos.

1001 Free Fonts over 65,000 free fonts for Windows and Mac. New fonts are added daily.

Canva. Font combinations a find the perfect combination of fonts for your project.

DaFont a font archive for download.

Font Squirrel free fonts.

Google Fonts free fonts optimized for the web.

0 to 255 an online tool that helps you find options of any color.

Bootflat an online service for creating color schemes in the style of flat.

Brand Colors a collection of colors used by famous brands. is an online generator of color schemes for designers.

Colorful Gradients a service for creating gradients.

Color Extraction Effect is a tool for determining the color scheme of the picture. It scans the image, identifies all its colors and selects a small palette of shades that blend well with each other. Requires download.

Get UI Colors is an online platform for selecting colors for the UI.

Flat UI Colors site allows you to select color palettes by saturation and brightness.

Hex Colorrrs is an online converter of Hex color models to RGB.

New Flat UI Color Picker is an online platform for color selection for UI design.

Palette Creator a browser extension to create a color palette for any image.

Paletton  an online service for creating a color scheme.


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