Until September 2, 2020 Access to the USMLE-Rx Information Platform is Available

The Medical Institute library gets online access to the USMLE-Rx information system. The American Test Database provides the student with a unique opportunity to prepare for the International Medicine Essay Exam (IFOM).

IFOM is a part of the State Qualification Examination.

The world's most respected international certification agency The National Board of Medical Examiners (NMBE, USA) is responsible for testing development and efficiency evaluation.

The information platform is represented by 2 modules: Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1:

- 2 200 test tasks of varying complexity;

- 10 000 flash cards (cards containing theoretical material);

- 80 hours of training videos;

- 600 illustrated diagrams and tables.

Step 2:

- 2 100 test tasks of varying complexity;

- a detailed explanation of the chosen answer;

- view thematic material for each section.

The teacher gets the opportunity to:

- view the lectures and videos of leading American teachers and doctors;

- check the preparation of students with the help of tests and a workbook with extended questions.

The student gets the opportunity to:

  • study using theoretical material and video;
  • test yourself with tests and a workbook;
  • reproduction of the licensing exam Step2.


The materials of the base are developed and systematically updated by leading doctors, teachers and medical editors of the American company MedIQ Learning.

Access to the platform is available during the year at the Reading room of the Medical Institute Library: Step 1 - Comp. № 11, Step 2 - Comp. № 10.


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