Public Administration



Legislation of Ukraine Documents of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; President of Ukraine; The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; bodies of the highest judicial branch of power of Ukraine; ministries and departments registered with the Ministry of Justice; international documents.

The World Law Guide the database contains full texts of legislative acts of all countries of the world.

Normative Legal Documents Government of Ukraine

Official documents of the President Decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine.

Public Register of Domestic Politically Exposed Persons of Ukraine contains an individual list of individuals falling within the definition of "national public figure". The Registry administers the teams of the Center for Combating Corruption and the Office of the Office of the Hundreds. Developed in cooperation with specialists of the State Financial Monitoring Service and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Open Data Portal regulatory and legal acts, information resources and other useful information.

Journals4Free is a portal of over 7,000 titles of academic open access journals. Searches by category, language, or presence in databases.

UNdata unites the main United Nations databases. The UNdata system contains databases, tables and glossaries that have over 60 million entries covering a wide range of topics, including agriculture, education, employment, energy, the environment, health, HIV / AIDS, crime, human development, industry, Information and Communication Technologies, National Accounts, Population / Refugees, Tourism, Trade, and Millennium Development Goals indicator.

Internet Resources


The Free Library the resource offers free full-text versions of classical literary works from hundreds of well-known authors, biographies, and images. Recently, the Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications on business and finance, communications, culture, health, humanities, law, politics, technology and the social sciences.

Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) the leading online library of prestigious scientific resources in the humanities and social sciences of Central and Eastern Europe.


Open Educational Resources


Prometheus public project of mass open online courses with free online access to the best university-level training courses.



Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine central executive body responsible for the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of digitalization, open data, national electronic information resources, the interaction of network systems based on unified interfaces or protocols, implementation of electronic services and digital literacy. Created in September 2019.

Є-Data an official state information portal on the Internet, which publishes information on the use of public funds and implements the idea of the "transparent budget".

INTERPOL an organization that searches for a specific object, a person, facilitates searches for the police.

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