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Legislation of Ukraine Documents of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; President of Ukraine; The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; bodies of the highest judicial branch of power of Ukraine; ministries and departments registered with the Ministry of Justice; international documents.

The World Law Guide the database contains full texts of legislative acts of all countries of the world.

Normative Legal Documents Government of Ukraine

Official documents of the President Decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine.

Open Data Portal regulatory and legal acts, information resources and other useful information.

Архів старих газет a site dedicated to old newspapers that have ever been published in Ukraine or related to it.

Diasporiana an electronic library, a project to preserve the intellectual heritage of Ukrainian emigration. Contains rare editions of different directions. The resource provides access to scientific literature in the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Gallica one of the largest French-language electronic libraries in the world (since 2007, increasing by 100,000 titles per year), it is based on the funds of the National Library of France. Many free works, mostly French, can be downloaded in PDF format.

Länder-Analysen a German-speaking resource offering free access to competent assessments of current political, economic, social and cultural events in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS. All country analyzes are part of a collaborative project that seeks for a scientifically sound, universally accepted analysis of events in Eastern Europe, openness to various content positions and free and non-commercial information for the public concerned. The resource offers a political, economic, social and cultural review of countries such as: Belarus, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.

Journals4Free portal of open access journals. More than 7000 titles of academic journals! Search can be done by category, language, or presence in databases.

UNdata unites the main United Nations databases. The UNdata system contains databases, tables and glossaries that have over 60 million entries covering a wide range of topics, including agriculture, education, employment, energy, the environment, health, HIV / AIDS, crime, human development, industry , Information and Communication Technologies, National Accounts, Population / Refugees, Tourism, Trade, and Millennium Development Goals indicator.

Internet Resources


The Free Library founded in 2003, the resource offers free full-text versions of classical literary works from hundreds of well-known authors, biographies, and images. Recently, the Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications on business and finance, communications, culture, health, humanities, law, politics, technology and the social sciences.

Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) the leading online library of prestigious scientific resources in the humanities and social sciences of Central and Eastern Europe.

Безкоштовна бібліотека для студентів texts of textbooks, in particular on questions of law, politics, public administration.

Права людини online library of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group.

Baidu (кит. 百度 (Bǎidù), Байду, NASDAQ: BIDU) a leader among Chinese search system. By the number of queries, the search site "Baidu" ranks 3rd in the world (3 billion 428 million, with a share in the global search 5.2%).

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) (Germany) one of the world's largest search engines, specialized in finding scientific documents for open access on the Internet. Operator BASE is a library of the University Bielefeld (Germany). BASE collects, normalizes and indexes data from repository servers using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). In addition to the OAI metadata, BASE indexes selected web sites and local library data. All this together can be searched through one interface.

DuckDuckGo an open source search system that uses information from many sources to deliver accurate and varied results. Compliance with the policy of full privacy – refusal to collect, store and process user data.

Google Scholar a freely available search engine that indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar includes articles published in magazines, stored in repositories or located on research sites or individual scholars.

Google Books full-text search service for books digitized by Google (over 10 million books from the largest US libraries). The library offers millions of excellent editions with which you can familiarize yourself or read them absolutely free (in Russian, etc.).

Metasearch Search Engine is a search service (valid since 1998) in more than 300 journals and journals in the field of management, economics, computer science, technology, education, sports, art, etc.

RefSeek is a search system for students and researchers, searches through web pages, books, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers.

WorldWideScience.org is a global scientific search system that searches for information on national and international scientific databases and portals.

Yahoo English-language search system that has the most developed directory structure and various services. Hundreds of thousands of different Internet resources are arranged in 14 main sections, each of which has several sub-sections with more narrow themes.

Меtа a full-text search on servers of Ukraine and foreign Ukrainian servers, taking into account morphology of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Financial and computer news, weather, marketing researches of the Ukrainian Internet.

Academia.edu is a social network for the cooperation of scientists. The network can be used to share with other articles, keep track of their quotes, and keep track of news of research and development by names and keywords. It is positioned as a universal network for representatives of all spheres of science.

ResearchGate is a social network, oriented mainly to the representatives of natural and exact sciences.

SciPeople is a scientific social network, oriented to representatives of all spheres of science. It offers perhaps the widest range of opportunities: not only the search for partners for joint projects implementation, but also grantors and investors, a catalog of scientific journals.

Open Educational Resources


EdEra an educational project that develops educational online content and solutions for online learning platforms.

Prometheus is a public project for mass-media open online courses (MBAs) with free online access to the best university-level courses.

Вище access to the best international practices in the field of pedagogy and opportunities for professional development.

ВУМ on-line an educational project that disseminates ideas and promotes the development of civil society in Ukraine. Courses from leading professors of business schools, the public sector, practitioners in business and social affairs.



Atlantic Treaty Association an international non-governmental organization designed to strengthen the cooperation of the peoples of the countries of the Euro-Atlantic area. The primary objective of the activity is to coordinate efforts to build a common understanding of security among NATO member states and partners.

World Intellectual Property Organization (ВОІВ). Created to encourage creative activity and protect intellectual property around the world.

World Trade Organization an international organization created to liberalize international trade and regulate the trade and political relations of member countries.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

International Labour Organization

United Nations Organization

United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization

The United Nations in Ukraine the United Nations in Ukraine works with the Government and people of Ukraine to build a culture of dignity, due to understanding and respect for human rights, to ensure peace and transformation in Ukraine.

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights the UN office is empowered to promote and protect human rights around the world.

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees the United Nations system for refugee protection and support facilitates their local integration, voluntary return to their home country or resettlement to a third country.

European Commission the highest executive body of the European Union, which roughly corresponds to the role and functions of government in the systems of nation states. Unlike national governments, the European Commission can also use the legislative initiative, but only within the EU and in accordance with European Union law.

European Union economic and political alliance of the 28 independent member states located in Europe.

European Court of Auditors an institution of the European Union that checks the legality and correctness of European Union revenues and expenditures according to the budget, and also assesses financial management.

European Parliament legislative office of the European Union.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) the world's largest regional security organization. It brings together 57 countries located in North America, Europe and Central Asia.

Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine has the status of a diplomatic mission.

Council of Europe an international organization of 47 Member States in the European space.

International Chamber of Commerce is a global business organization that aims to support and develop international trade and globalization.

I.F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was created with the purpose of in-depth and comprehensive development of problems that became especially important with the proclamation of Ukraine's independence. It is about the current dynamics of political institutions and processes, the correlation of politics and ethno-national relations, the need to develop new paradigms of ethno-national development, the prevention of conflict in the ethno-national sphere, the modeling of optimal variants of ethnopolitics, technology management of spheres of political and interethnic relations, examination of bills, state and non-state development programs in various spheres of social life.

National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) a research institution subordinated to the President of Ukraine.

Лабораторії законодавчих ініціатив the leading analytical center of Ukraine, founded on the initiative of graduates of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and promotes the establishment of democratic values, the development of political culture and legal consciousness of citizens and politicians, the dissemination of best world practices for the formation of effective state institutions, and the promotion of the European integration vector for Ukraine's development.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) promotes the development of a humane society based on respect for human life, dignity and harmonious relationships between man, state and nature through the creation of a platform for cooperation between members of the Union and other members of the human rights movement.

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