Medical Sciences

Periodicals. Databases


BioMed Central – a database of full-text journals of free access to medical and biomedical sciences.

Bioline International – a non-profit e-publishing service that provides free access to quality research journals issued in developing countries. In addition to peer-reviewed journals published in Brazil, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Kenya and other countries, Bioline International provides a unique service, generating bioscientific information from these countries for the international research community. Magazines and articles are indexed in EBSCO Open Access Journals, DOAJ, HINARI, Open J-Gate, PubMed.

BooksMed – the database provides an opportunity to get acquainted, as well as to buy a paper or electronic version of textbooks, reference books and medical encyclopedias.

Bookshelf – an ever-growing electronic collection of biomedical books.

The British Medical Journal (The BMJ) – a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing articles in the field of medicine is published since 1840. Its impact factor in 2015 was 19,697, which puts the magazine in the fourth place among the journals of general-medical topics.

Child Neurology Society – The Children's Neurology Society's research database, which is an outstanding professional association in the United States, Canada and throughout the world.

Cochrane Library – an electronic database containing the results of quality research in all fields of medicine and health, is one of the best resources of evidence-based medicine.

eMPendium – an electronic version of the "Internal Diseases" compilation by well-known Polish therapist Andrzej Szczeklik. This is actually a proven medical database of internal diseases, a portal for doctors.

FreeBooks4Doctors – a resource that contains over 650 free medical books, grouped by topics and titles.

FreeMedicalJournals – a database of medical journals that provides access to registers and full texts.

Hardin MD – University of Iowa medical image gallery – includes a link for copyright free images.

Harvard University – Harvard University resource. Contains a historical review of diseases and epidemics in the world, books, periodicals, manuscripts, and antiquities - only over 500 thousand pages. Archival materials are supplemented by explanatory notes.

JAMAevidence – resource based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and assists doctors in understanding, applying medical literature and setting clinical diagnoses.

Karger – a database of 80 titles of scientific journals, about 150 books, thematic editions of journals, mainly in the English language of the Karger publishing house. All journals and most books are available in electronic format.

Medical Heritage Library (MHL) – a database that provides access to historical medical documents.

Medknow Publication – the largest publisher of open access magazines in the field of medicine, is the project of the global publisher Wolters Kluwer Health. Publishes and provides free access to more than 350 peer-reviewed journals.

MedPix – open online medical image database. Collections are categorized by disease categories and by patient profiles. Most images immediately contain a verified diagnosis. – reviews of world medical journals in Russian. Authors of reviews - specialist doctors. When choosing a material, preference is given to articles that are relevant for practical health care. – the information resource about mesothelioma – cancer caused by asbestos. It provides comprehensive information on occupational safety, treatment, lifestyle, care, rehabilitation and mental health of mesothelioma patients.

National Cancer Institute – the official website of the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Contains the latest information on cancer treatment, screening technologies, prevention, genetic aspects and palliative care, as well as information on clinical research in oncology.

The New England Journal of Medicine – a weekly magazine that publishes the results of medical research and review articles, reports, and editorial opinions on a wide range of issues important for biomedical science and clinical practice.

Pediatric Neurology Briefs – a leading monthly magazine that presents an overview of current scientific research and advances in pediatric neurology and related disciplines. The authors provide detailed monthly summaries of published articles and comments based on their own experiences.

PLoS – a database that provides open access to full-text scientific journals on medicine and biology.

PracticeUpdate – a database containing professional information on oncology - articles from full-text journals, manuals, monographs, reports, conference materials.

Royal Society of Chemistry – a scientific nonprofit organization of the United Kingdom, whose purpose is the development of chemical science. The Society is engaged in research, publishes magazines and books, creates databases, as well as holds conferences, seminars and symposia.

UpToDate – the information resource for clinicians, built on the principles of evidence-based medicine, is constantly updated. He synthesizes the most up-to-date medical information, integrates practical recommendations from doctors and is a leading resource in supporting clinical decision-making. The UpToDate database takes into account not only the most advanced and best clinical studies and results but also expert opinions about the specific clinical issue, circumstances and conditions in which the patient is located.

Wiley Open Access – an open access database that combines journals in medicine, biology, neurology, chemistry, physics, meteorology. All scientific articles published in the journals of the Wiley Open Access database are freely available for reading and downloading.

Zygote Body – a resource that allows you to view the 3D anatomical model of the human body. This allows you to better study the anatomy of the human body.

Здоров’я України IНФОМЕДIА – Ukrainian medical portal of the publishing house "Health of Ukraine". On the Internet portal, there is the possibility of access and full-text viewing of magazines and newspapers of the publishing house "Health of Ukraine", as well as actual information on innovative methods, practical recommendations and confirmed approaches to the treatment of various diseases. 

Academic Journals Database (Switzerland) – a universal database of periodical literature covering fundamental research in all fields of knowledge. Especially strong in medical research, humanities and social sciences. The journals in this database contain full bibliographic citations, precise indexing and informative theses for articles from a wide range of periodicals. The database contains approximately 5,800 internationally recognized journals. 1.28 million articles are available online.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment – a database that provides access to the archive of scientific journals of the publishing house (more than 200 titles). The resource covers various fields of knowledge, including biology and biomedical sciences, physiology, psychology and psychiatry, ecology, and others. In the free access - the content of journals, bibliographic descriptions of articles with abstracts. Depth of access from 1770 to 2010.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) – provides access to metadata and full-text books of academic publishing houses on open access on the Internet. The service allows you to search for books by the following parameters: name of the book, author, keywords, book annotations, publisher, ISSN / ISBN book or all of the listed items. Open access

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – free access to full-text, peer-reviewed journals from all fields of knowledge and in different languages.

Directory of Research Journals Index (DRJI) (India) – provides free access to scientific literature to support the use of research and information in order to improve the quality of teaching, teaching and research. To index the site, thousands of resources are reviewed and evaluated to help researchers select key web sites and research journals. The product functions as a gateway that provides metadata for indexed articles in social networks, other indexing systems and electronic libraries. – a database of links to sites of electronic journals in the world on topics: religion, medicine, sociology, history, economics, etc.

Elsevier – the database of open access magazines from Elsevier Publishing.

FreeFullPDF – a database containing the most up-to-date information from the best scientific sources for innovative projects. The search is conducted only on selected sites.

Hindawi Publishing Journals – a publishing corporation that publishes more than 200 open access magazines covering a wide range of academic disciplines (chemistry, computer science, environmental science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, pharmacology, physics, agriculture, biology, dentistry, energy, earth sciences, material science, social sciences, veterinary science).

Gallica – one of the largest French-language electronic libraries in the world (since 2007, increasing by 100,000 titles per year), it is based on the funds of the National Library of France. Many free works, mostly French, can be downloaded in PDF format.

HighWire Press – a scientific portal of the Stanford University Library, which provides access to more than 1,500 journals, books, conferences and other publications, 5 million full-text, reviewed articles, of which about 2 million are freely accessible. Subjects: physical, biological, medical, social and humanitarian sciences.

HINARI – a resource for free or very inexpensive online access to leading biomedical and social science magazines, as well as to health research.

IntechOpen – full-text access to 2,370 InTech publishing books from various fields of science and technology (biological, computer science and information technology, earth sciences, electronic engineering and electrical engineering, engineering, materials science) and medicine. 6 scientific open access journals: International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems; Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; International Journal of Engineering Business Management; Exosomes and Microvesicles; International Food Risk Analysis Journal; International Journal of Water Sciences.

International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) was created to promote various branches of education and research activities around the world to make them more accessible and more organized.

J-Gate – an electronic library of scientific journals on social, humanitarian, natural sciences and engineering, supported by Informatics India Ltd. Currently includes more than 6300 names of magazines, organized in the fields of knowledge. Document search is carried out by the author, title, keywords, date of publication.

JSTOR – the electronic collection of the journal "Jstor", which contains scientific materials on mathematics, economics, medicine, politics, humanities, etc.

Journals4Free – portal of open access journals. More than 7000 titles of academic journals! Search can be done by category, language, or presence in databases.

Ingenta Connect – the diverse abstracts database (chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, biology, medicine, economics, social sciences, etc.) offers access to 4.5 million articles from 13.5 thousand scientific journals by such well-known publishers as Elsevier, Springer, IOP Publishing, Taylor and Francis, NPG and others.

OMICS International – electronic open-source database. Includes over 1,000 scientific journals and over 700 scientific conferences in such fields as medicine, chemistry, biology, computer science, mathematics, physics, agriculture, food engineering, veterinary science, psychology, social and political science, business.

Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI) – a full-text database of open access scientific journals, is an international platform for indexing open-access scientific journals.

Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) – a database aimed at storing and disseminating scientific articles in such fields of knowledge as energy, the environment, health, cognitive interaction systems, electronic infrastructures, socio-economic and humanities. OpenAIRE is also a project for access to the results of research carried out on the territory of European countries, in particular to those funded by the European Union, the European Commission, and also conducted within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.

OpenAire і OpenAIREplus (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) are projects funded by the European Commission (December 2009 - May 2014). The purpose of these projects is to implement and improve the infrastructure of European scientific communication of open access.

Oxford Journals – a full-text database of Oxford University Press magazines, which presents academic and research journals in various fields of knowledge.

ScienceDirect – one of the largest online collections of published research. Owned by the Dutch publishing house Elsevier. The collection contains almost 12 million elements of content from more than 3,500 journals and more than 34,000 e-books, directories, and scientific collections. Annotations of most articles are freely accessible. Access to the full article text requires a subscription.

SpringerOpen – the Springer publishing house, which publishes and provides free access to over 160 scientific peer-reviewed journals and about 40 books in the field of natural sciences and medicine.

Crossref – the association of scientific publishing houses, which develops a common infrastructure to support more effective scientific communications. Crossref's citation system now covers over 68 million journal articles and other content elements (books, dissertations, technical reports, etc.) from thousands of scientific and professional publishers around the world. Open access

OAIster – a consolidated directory of millions of records, presents open access to digital resources. OAIster collects descriptive information (metadata) from an open-access collection around the world using the OAI-PMH (the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting). Open access

PubMed – bibliographic databases of the National Medical Library (USA) and the National Institute of Health (USA), covering various medical disciplines.

Taylor & Francis – a database that provides free access to bibliographic descriptions and abstracts of articles from more than 200 journals in medicine and related industries. The depth of the archive varies from publication to publication, for most of the available archives since 1997.

WorldCat – the largest bibliographic database in the world, which has over 240 million records of all types of works in 470 languages of the world. The database is created by joint efforts of more than 72 thousand libraries from 170 countries in the framework of the organization Online Computer Library Center.

Internet Resources


Acronym Finder – the largest and most complete reference base for acronyms and abbreviations, which contains over 1 million abbreviations and their interpretations in various fields of knowledge. In particular, the resource is presented in the section "Science and Medicine".

ArXiv – the most popular open-source archive of essays and full texts of scientific publications, created on the basis of the library of Cornell University. Contains more than 684 thousand electronic publications in physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, finance and statistics.

BioRxiv – a free archive of electronic publications of scientific articles and their preprints of biomedical sciences and life sciences.

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) – electronic archive and service organization for data archiving and network services. The archive combines collections of art, humanities and social sciences, health care, and others. DANS is created by the Institute of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Netherlands, supported by the Government of the Netherlands (KNAW) and the Organization for Scientific Research (NOW).

De Gruyter – a well-known academic publishing house for books and magazines (formerly Versita). Launches more than 400 titles (both own and "invitees") of academic journals of various disciplines, mostly from Central and Eastern European countries.

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek – virtual national library of Germany. DDB provides centralized access to digital documents, namely, books, documents and files, archival documents, works of fine art, sound recordings, and films. The project involves a large number of institutions and organizations, and the main ones are the largest libraries in Germany – the German National Library, the Bavarian State Library and the Berlin State Library.

The Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) – search for reliable scientific information in open repositories around the world, supported by the SHERPA service at the University of Nottingham. Provides opportunities for searching scientific materials in various fields of knowledge in more than 2 600 e-archives.

E-Books Directory – a free web resource from which you can download books, documents, lectures, technical documents. The resource contains links to more than 1,780 e-books listed in 392 categories, including business, computer science, engineering, humanities, literature, medicine, and much more.

Electronic Journals Library. The library of electronic journals since 1997, within the framework of the project of the University Library of Regensburg, in cooperation with the Library of Munich Technical University, offers quick, structured and unified access (in English and German) to scholarly full-text journals. It includes 76 419 titles, of which 13,923 journals from all fields of knowledge are issued only in electronic form. 45,575 titles of journals are freely available in full-text version. All institutions have full access to all publications in the project.

Europe PubMed Central – archive of full-text, peer-reviewed scientific publications.

HighWire Stanford University – the Stanford University Library Project is a publishing platform that provides access to magazines (including medicine), books, reference books. The resource contains full-text articles, some of which are available for free. Depth of archive – since 1953

PubMed Central – a digital journal of the US National Library of Medicine magazines with articles on biomedical sciences and life sciences in open access.

Scribd – a social service that allows anyone on the Internet to easily publish, distribute and share e-books, documents, presentations, newsletters, and more. Documents from Scribd are displayed in a special flash module, which can also be embedded on any page (for example, blogs) using the HTML code provided by the service.

The British Library – the British Library's portal, which presents electronic resources that are collectable in terms of resource types or thematic principles: a collection of electronic dissertations, a collection of UK web sites, digitized manuscripts, digitized newspapers in the UK.

Наукова електронна бібліотека періодичних видань НАН України – the open-access library provides readers with free access to scientific information on the Internet with the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, refer to full-text articles, index, ie use it with a legitimate purpose without financial, legal and technical barriers. Today there are over 6,500 titles of publications.

Scientific Periodicals Ukraine – the portal of the scientific periodicals of the National Library of Ukraine to them. VI Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents open access to scientific journals and collections of scientific works published in Ukraine, contains more than 35 000 titles of editions.


Центр тестування при МОЗ України – information banks of test tasks: Step-1, Step-2, Step-3.

Lecturio – a specialized e-learning platform for medicine that provides access to high-quality educational materials. The platform has a free version of about 1000 educational video collections, test questions, professional thematic reviews for preparing for the examinations of USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, MCAT, and MBBS.

Спеціалізована сторінка сайту "Український медичний часопис" – the "Academy – Online Distance Education Online" section for almost 8 years of its existence has turned into a full-scale educational project, useful and convenient for practising doctors of many specialities. Thanks to the project, each doctor gets an opportunity to raise his level of knowledge in the chosen speciality by re-assimilating the material of the lectures of the leading specialists of postgraduate education, and later – checking them in the system of testing online. A person who has successfully completed a test task on a specific topic receives a certificate of mastery of the material and 1 point for attestation for assignment (confirmation) of the medical qualifying category, which gives additional advantages during the passing of the pre-certification cycles and the thematic improvement cycles on the basis of NMAPE named after P.L. Shupika Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) (Germany) – one of the world's largest search engines, specialized in finding scientific documents for open access on the Internet. Operator BASE is a library of the University Bielefeld (Germany). BASE collects, normalizes and indexes data from repository servers using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). In addition to the OAI metadata, BASE indexes selected web sites and local library data. All this together can be searched through one interface.

Google Scholar – a freely available search engine that indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar includes articles published in magazines, stored in repositories or located on research sites or individual scholars.

Google Books – full-text search service for books digitized by Google (over 10 million books from the largest US libraries). The library offers millions of great editions with which you can read or read them completely for free.

Healthline – a search engine that offers users the search for health information on the world's best web sites. You can also take a sample of medical news, search for the main symptoms and illnesses. For a thorough study of the human body, as well as medical terminology in English, the resource offers anatomical atlas in 3D.

Omni Medical Search – a search engine that collects resources from medical American, British, Canadian websites in 55 categories. Links can link to the websites of international professional medical associations. To the attention of users of the resource convenient systematized directory of medical illustrations. – a global scientific search engine that searches for information on national and international scientific databases and portals.

Among Doctors – a European social professional medical network in which doctors can communicate with colleagues, exchange ideas, comment on clinical cases, and create working groups. The platform includes a database of international vacancies for physicians. The resource also provides information on international medical congresses and events with the ability to book space for them.

DailyRounds – a platform for physicians, which combines a social network and a medical journal. International English-language resource for medical students, graduate students and specialists in various fields of medicine, recognized by the medical community. Constantly updates medical news and articles with the most up-to-date information.

Figure1 – a network for professionals in the field of medicine, designed to democratize medical knowledge and improve future health care. Millions of professionals use a platform for the safe exchange of clinical cases and discussion of the treatment process. A database of visual data allows you to send, comment on and search for images. To protect the privacy of patients, the identification information from the images is deleted.

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network – a professional social network and a learning community that includes hospitals, healthcare professionals, and patients from around the world. Created on the basis of the Mayo Clinic's social network to improve the delivery of health services and promotion.

ResearchGate – a scientific portal and a social network for scientists and researchers, most oriented to the representatives of natural and exact sciences. Provides such network applications as semantic search, file sharing, sharing of publications, forums, methodological discussions, etc.

Sermo – one of the largest and most successful social networks, designed exclusively for doctors. SERMO brings together more than 800,000 practitioners worldwide for better communication and sharing of professional knowledge. Doctors ask and receive answers from their colleagues, jointly dismantling serious clinical cases. All patient data is anonymous.



Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine – official site of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – official site of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

World Health Organization – the official website of the World Health Organization.

World Gastroenterology Organisation – the World Organization of Gastroenterology, a federation of 108 national societies and 4 regional associations of gastroenterologists.

ABPN – American College of Psychiatrists and Neurologists. 

American Academy of Neurology – the site of the international professional organization of the American Academy of Neurology, which provides access to modern scientific research on neurology.

American College of Cardiology – American College of Cardiology.

American Medical Association – the largest association of physicians and students in the United States.

American Psychiatric Association (APA) the most authoritative professional association of psychiatrists from the USA and other countries of the world.

American Society of Nuclear Cardiology – American Society for Nuclear Cardiology, which is a professional organization of international scale and provides various programs for advanced training in nuclear cardiology and cardiovascular computed tomography.

American Urological Association – American Society of Urologists.

Еndoscopy – the association of endoscopy doctors of Ukraine.

European Society of Cardiology  European Society of Cardiology.

Uroweb – European Society of Urologists.

American Dental Association

Academy of Laser Dentistry USA

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