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Athena is a books on philosophy, classical literature, economics, history, mineralogy, as well as books by Swiss and French authors in the language of the original.

The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH) open source electronic database. Publishes English abstracts of articles and reviews appearing mainly in national languages in scientific journals devoted to social and humanitarian sciences in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences) the abstract of the humanities, social sciences and the citation of scientific materials ERIH PLUS is the world's largest platform for publication and tracking of works. Magazines that fall into the monitoring system ERIH PLUS meet the strict European requirements for scientific publications.

Classics in the History of Psychology is a collection of full-text papers on psychology and related disciplines of historical significance.

Diasporiana an electronic library, a project to preserve the intellectual heritage of Ukrainian emigration. Contains rare editions of different directions. The resource provides access to scientific literature in the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Palgrave Macmillan academic publishing house, presents textbooks, magazines, monographs, professional and reference materials in printed and electronic form. Direction – Humanities, Social Sciences and Business. 

Academic Journals full-text English-language scientific journals on medical, social, biological, physical, legal, arts and education. Journals contain publications of high-quality scientific articles using the open access model.

Academic Journals Database (Switzerland) the universal database of periodicals, covering basic research in all fields of knowledge, contains approximately 5,800 journals with international recognition of 1.28 million articles available on the Internet. He specializes in medical research, humanities and social sciences. The journals contain complete bibliographic citations, accurate indexing and informative abstracts for articles from periodicals.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) the database provides access to metadata and full texts of books of academic publishers in open access on the Internet. The service allows you to search for books by the following parameters: book title, author, keywords, book annotations, publisher, ISSN / ISBN of the book or all of these items. Open access

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) an online catalog that indexes and provides access to more than 16,500 full-text peer-reviewed open access scientific journals peer-reviewed by experts in all fields of knowledge and languages.

Directory of Research Journals Index (DRJI) (India) provides free access to scientific literature to support the use of research and information in order to improve the quality of teaching, teaching and research. The DRJI index is about 50,000 articles from 2,300 magazines published by publishers from 103 countries. To index the site, thousands of resources are reviewed and evaluated to help researchers select key websites and research journals. The product functions as a gateway that provides metadata for indexed articles in social networks, other indexing systems and electronic libraries. 

EBSCO Academic Search Premier is a database containing full texts of publications of more than 3,200 scientific publications on a wide range of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Gallica is a digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) and the national aggregator for collections held in French cultural heritage institutions. The available collections consist of printed materials (books, journals, newspapers, printed music, and other documents), graphic materials (engravings, maps, photographs, and others), and sound recordings. Gallica makes it possible to find sources that are rare, unusual, out-of-print, or difficult, if not impossible, to access.

HighWire Press a scientific portal of the Stanford University Library, which provides access to more than 1,500 journals, books, conferences and other publications, 5 million full-text review articles, of which about 2 million are freely available. Topic: physical, biological, medical, social and humanitarian sciences.

J-Gate an electronic library of scientific journals on social, humanitarian, natural sciences and engineering, supported by Informatics India Ltd. Currently includes more than 6300 names of magazines, organized in the fields of knowledge. Document search is carried out by author, title, keywords, date of publication.

J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic – a Japanese scientific information portal that provides access to more than 740 scientific journals, about 360 thousand articles from various fields of knowledge.

Journals4Free is a portal of more than 7,000+ titles of academic open access journals. Searches by category, language, or presence in databases.

Ingenta Connect the diverse abstract database (chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, biology, medicine, economics, social sciences, etc.) offers access to 4.5 million articles from 13.5 thousand scientific journals by such well-known publishers as Elsevier, Springer, IOP Publishing, Taylor and Francis, NPG and others.

OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) international project of open access to monographs in the field of humanities and social sciences. Full texts in pdf format. The database is supported by a consortium of university academic publishing houses in Europe, provides access to over 700 titles of books in English and other European languages in social sciences, sociology, economics, jurisprudence, history, philology, linguistics, and art. OAPEN contains monographs in English, German, Italian, etc.

Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) the database is aimed at storing and disseminating scientific articles in such fields of knowledge as energy, the environment, health, cognitive interaction systems, electronic infrastructures, socio-economic and humanities. OpenAIRE is also a project for access to the results of research carried out on the territory of European countries, including to those funded by the European Union, the European Commission, and also conducted within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.

Persee a portal featuring a collection of French journals in the humanities and social sciences. The collection contains complete texts about 90 thousand articles and about 14 thousand audio files (versions) of articles from 72 titles of periodicals covering the following disciplines: philosophy, anthropology, archeology, art, economics, geography, history, information, communications in the field of science , jurisprudence, linguistics, literature, political science, psychology, sociology. An archive of some materials, such as Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des charts.

Project Gutenberg the oldest universal online library of free e-books, which carries out a public (voluntary) initiative to digitize, archive and disseminate cultural works. Most units of this collection are the full texts of books that are in the public domain.

ScienceDirect one of the largest online collections of published research. Owned by the Dutch publishing house Elsevier. The collection contains almost 12 million elements of content from more than 3,500 journals and more than 34,000 e-books, directories, and scientific collections. Annotations of most articles are freely accessible. Access to the full article text requires a subscription.

SpringerLink the platform provides access to electronic resources of the Springer publishing house, one of Europe's finest scientific information providers. The information base includes more than 2700 periodicals from all disciplines (English, German). Licensed access.

SpringerOpen an archive of peer-reviewed scientific journals in all fields of science with open access from Springer Publishing and an interdisciplinary database.

UNdata brings together United Nations databases, databases, tables and glossaries, over 60 million records covering a wide range of topics, including agriculture, education, employment, energy, the environment, health care, HIV/AIDS, Crime, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technologies, National Accounts, Population / Refugees, Tourism, Trade, and the Millennium Development Goals indicator.

World Public Library a global resource that gives access to classical works of literature, periodicals, bibliographic information, reference literature, etc. The theme includes the following collections: literature (adventure, classical, dramatic, detective, children's, scientific), literature of the Yelizavetin era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 21st century, folklore, history, humanities, poetry, political science, religious studies, science fiction, biography, esotericism. The resource provides access to books by renowned world-class academic publishers, electronic and audio books, comics and periodicals. The portal allows you to download books in pdf format.

The Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine the first online version of the multi-volume encyclopedia that truly, impartially and comprehensively presents a holistic, multi-faceted image of Ukraine of the XX-XXI centuries in individuals, institutions, and concepts. The publication covers all spheres of life of Ukraine - from geographical position, nature, history, political structure, economy and industry, science, culture, art, literature to sports and youth subculture.

CrossRef the association of scientific publishing houses, which develops a common infrastructure to support more effective scientific communications. The CrossRef quotation system today covers over 68 million journal articles and other content elements (books, dissertations, technical reports, etc.) from thousands of scientific and professional publishers around the world. Open access

Index Translationum a bibliographic database of translations from around the world, contains about 2 million book entries from 250,000 authors from more than 100 countries. open access to digital resources.

Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC) nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization specializing in public purposes for expanding access to information in the world.

WorldCat the largest bibliographic database in the world, which has over 240 million records of all types of works in 470 languages of the world. The database is created by joint efforts of more than 72 thousand libraries from 170 countries in the framework of organization Online Computer Library Center.

Internet Resources

Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) the leading online library of prestigious scientific resources in the humanities and social sciences of Central and Eastern Europe.

COPAC Union Catalogue (United Kingdom) catalog of 22 most authoritative university libraries in Britain and Ireland, as well as the British Library. Works on Z39.50 protocol. There are three search options available: by author and title, by subject area and by search of periodicals. All interfaces are simple and convenient. In the results list, you can view the full record and / or mark it for further storage. The service functions include downloading the results to the specified e-mail address (download key). The disadvantage of this directory is typical for most directories that run under Z39.50: the results include a large number of duplicate entries per publication, from databases of various libraries.

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) is a electronic archive of data archiving and network services. The archive combines collections of art, humanities and social sciences, health care, and others. DANS is created by the Institute of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Netherlands, supported by the Government of the Netherlands (KNAW) and the Organization for Scientific Research (NOW).

The Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) search for reliable scientific information in open repositories around the world, supported by the SHERPA service at the University of Nottingham. Provides opportunities for searching scientific materials in various fields of knowledge in more than 2 600 e-archives.

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB) is a library of electronic journals since 1997, within the framework of the project of the University Library of Regensburg, in collaboration with the Library of the Munich Technical University, offers quick, structured and unified access (in English and German) to scholarly full-text journals. It includes 76 419 titles, of which 13,923 journals from all branches of knowledge are issued only in electronic form. 45,575 titles of journals are freely available in full-text version. All institutions have full access to all publications in the project.

E-books directory is a free web resource that allows you to download books, documents, lectures, technical documents. The resource contains links to more than 1,780 e-books listed in 392 categories, including business, computer science, engineering, humanities, literature, medicine, and much more. 

[email protected] online library of the University of Adelaide offers classical works of literature, philosophy, science and history of the University of Adelaide.

De Gruyter academic publishing house of books and magazines (formerly Versita). Issues more than 400 titles (both own and "invited") academic journals of various disciplines, mostly from Central and Eastern European countries.

Internet Archive nonprofit organization in San Francisco (California) whose goal is to preserve cultural heritage. The web service supports an electronic library, archive of network and multimedia resources, software, movies, books, and sound recordings.

Open J-Gate an electronic library of scientific journals on social, humanitarian, natural sciences and engineering, supported by Informatics India Ltd. Currently includes more than 6300 names of magazines, organized in the fields of knowledge. Document search is carried out by author, title, keywords, date of publication.

Open Library contains a catalog of books that have ever been published. Works on the principle of Wikipedia – the creation of a separate page for a separate book by the users themselves. In addition to the catalog of books, the resource provides free access to e-books (today – more than 1 million names).

Open Textbooks access to the open source library of free, peer-reviewed, and licensed textbooks.

Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) a register of all repositories and other sources of open information all over the world. The project is developed by the University of Southampton (UK) and is part of the network.

Scribd a social service that allows the user of the Internet to easily publish, distribute and share e-books, documents, presentations, newsletters, and more. Documents from Scribd are displayed in a special flash module, which can also be embedded on any page (such as blogs) using the HTML code provided by the service.

The Free Library founded in 2003, the resource offers free full-text versions of classical literary works from hundreds of well-known authors, biographies, and images. Recently, the Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications on business and finance, communications, culture, health, humanities, law, politics, technology and the social sciences.

The New York Public Library the American Bookbinding, which holds one of the best collections of books in the world. The New York Public Library is one of the largest scientific library systems in the world. From the library site, you can download over 1,000 books in various formats (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese) for free.

University of Chicago Library supports the University of Chicago's commitment to research and teaching in the field of social, humanitarian and pedagogical sciences, and uses its intellectual resources to address the problems of science and education around the world.

Myslene drevo is a electronic library, contains complete texts of scientific works of various subjects (section "Science"), educational literature (section "Education", units "Students" and "Students"), artistic works of Ukrainian literature, as well as works of world literature in Ukrainian translations (section "Literature"), Ukrainian journalistic works (section "Publicism").

Наукова електронна бібліотека періодичних видань НАН України open access library provides free access for readers to scientific information on the Internet with the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, refer to full-text articles, index, use it for legitimate purposes without financial, legal and technical obstacles. Current status – more than 6 500 titles of editions.

Наукова періодика України the state-of-the-art technological platform, which provides the processes of editorial work, publication and post-post support of scientific periodicals of Ukraine. The resource is developed on the basis of the partnership of publishers and libraries of Ukraine. The system contains Ukrainian journals on history, economics, cultural studies, medicine, art studies, pedagogy, political science, engineering, physics and mathematics, philology, and philosophy.

Scientific Periodicals Ukraine the portal of the scientific periodicals of the National Library of Ukraine to them. VI Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents open access to scientific journals and collections of scientific works published in Ukraine, contains more than 35 000 titles of editions.

Baidu (кит. 百度 (Bǎidù), Байду, NASDAQ: BIDU) a leader among Chinese search system. By the number of queries, the search site "Baidu" ranks 3rd in the world (3 billion 428 million, with a share in the global search 5.2%).

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) (Germany) one of the world's largest search system, specialized in the search for scientific documents of open access on the Internet. Operator BASE is a library of the University Bielefeld (Germany). BASE collects, normalizes and indexes of repository servers data using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). In addition to the OAI metadata, BASE indexes selected web sites and local library data through one interface.

DuckDuckGo an open source search system that uses information from many sources to deliver accurate and varied results adheres to a policy of complete privacy - refusal to collect, store and process user data. 

Google Scholar a freely available search system that indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar includes articles published in magazines, stored in repositories or located on research sites or individual scholars.

Google Books a full-text search service for books digitized by Google (over 10 million books from the largest US libraries). The library offers millions of excellent editions with which you can familiarize yourself or read them absolutely free (in Russian, etc.).

Metasearch Search Engine search service (valid since 1998) in more than 300 journals and journals in the field of management, economics, computer science, technology, education, sports, art, etc.

Meta full-text search on servers of Ukraine and foreign Ukrainian servers, taking into account morphology of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Financial and computer news, weather, marketing researches of the Ukrainian Internet.

Microsoft Academic Search a research portal from Microsoft Corporation that was developed to explore the links between scientists, researchers, students and their research.

RefSeek search system for students and researchers, searches through web pages, books, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers. a global scientific search engine that searches for information on national and international scientific databases and portals.

Yahoo english-language search system that has the most developed directory structure and various services. Hundreds of thousands of different Internet resources are arranged in 14 main sections, each of which has several sub-sections with more narrow themes. is a social network for the cooperation of scientists. The network can be used to share with other articles, keep track of their quotes, and keep track of news of research and development by names and keywords. It is positioned as a universal network for representatives of all spheres of science.


Open Educational Resources


EdEra an educational project that develops educational online content and solutions for online learning platforms.

Prometheus is a public project for mass-media open online courses (MBAs) with free online access to the best university-level courses.



Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine a central executive body of Ukraine. The main body in the system of central executive authorities to ensure the implementation of state policy in the field of education, scientific, technological, innovation and intellectual property.

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine the central executive authority regarding the formation of state policy in the field of cinematography, the formation and implementation of state policy in the spheres of culture and arts, the protection of cultural heritage, the state language policy, as well as the specially authorized central executive body in the field of interethnic relations, religion and the protection of rights national minorities of Ukraine.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO an international organization, a United Nations specialized agency that, in cooperation with its member states in the fields of education, science and culture, contributes to the elimination of illiteracy, the training of national personnel, the development of national culture, the preservation of cultural monuments, etc.

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) an international association of professionals whose mission is to preserve and protect cultural heritage around the world.

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) an intergovernmental organization dedicated to preserving the world's cultural heritage through education, information dissemination, research, cooperation and public campaigns. The aim of ICCROM is to develop activities in the field of conservation and restoration, as well as to attract attention to the importance of cultural heritage.

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) an international intergovernmental organization in the field of tourism, designed to promote economic growth, international understanding, peace, prosperity, mutual respect, as well as the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) an international non-governmental public association from the tourism and travel industry. The WTTC is engaged in research on the economic and social impact of tourism, organizes global and regional summits related to issues and events related to the tourism industry.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) the largest international ecumenical organization, founded in 1948 in Amsterdam, has 348 Christian churches from more than 100 countries and represents about 400 million Christians.

Інститут філософії ім. Г.С. Сковороди Національної академії наук України the leading institution for the development of philosophical science in Ukraine. His staff carry out extensive research on the problems of philosophical anthropology; logic, methodology and philosophy of science; social philosophy; philosophy of culture, ethics and aesthetics; the history of Ukrainian and foreign philosophy; philosophical problems of religious studies.

Українська Рада Миру (in the past the Ukrainian Republican Peace Protection Committee) was founded in September 1951 on the initiative of the best representatives of the Ukrainian creative intelligentsia and scientists. During the years of its existence, the Ukrainian Peace Council has become world-renowned and has repeatedly been honored with the highest honors of the World Peace Council, UNESCO, the UN and other reputable international organizations. The main goal of the organization is to unite the efforts of the public to establish peace and harmony in Ukraine and abroad.

Plast Ukrainian scout organization. Plast's goal is to promote comprehensive, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on the principles of Christian morality, being a non-political and non-confessional organization, Plast educates young people to be conscious, responsible and empowered citizens of the local, national and world community, community leaders.

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