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Arheologia (ISSN 0235-3490, Category B)
Department of Constitutional Law, Theory and History of State and Law

N Building r. 213a

Ukrainian Historical Journal

(ISSN 0130-5247, Category А)

2 times a year
Department of Constitutional Law, Theory and History of State and Law,

N Building r. 213a

SumDU Periodicals


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Sumska Starovyna

(ISSN 2311-5408 SumDU, Category B)

2 times a year
Electronic Edition

Sumy Historical and Archival Journal (ISSN 2227-183Х SumDU, Category B)
2 times a year
Electronic Edition


Bibliotheca Chersonessitana – the library of digitized rare editions of the 19th and early 20th centuries. on the history and archeology of the Crimea. Free access.

The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH) – open source electronic database. Publishes English abstracts of articles and reviews appearing mainly in national languages in scientific journals devoted to social and humanitarian sciences in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Open access

Diasporiana – an electronic library, a project to preserve the intellectual heritage of Ukrainian emigration. Contains rare editions of different directions. The resource provides access to scientific literature in the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Europeana – an internet portal containing millions of books, paintings, films, museum items and archival records that have been digitized throughout Europe. Presented sources in all European languages in particular in Ukrainian). Open access

EuroDocs: OnlineSourcesforEuropeanHistory – a digital history portal that offers links to facsimiles, transcriptions and translations of European primary historical sources.

EXLIBRIS – Ukrainian electronic library. Presented books on history, journalism, fiction.

Gallica one of the largest French-language electronic libraries in the world (since 2007, increasing by 100,000 titles per year), it is based on the funds of the National Library of France. – Ukrainian scientific historical web portal. The site is conceived as a platform for communication between regional centers of historians in Ukraine, between specialists from different countries, between different generations of intellectuals and between different disciplines.

Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine. Encyclopedia of Ukraine on the Internet – English-language site about Ukrainian history, geography, economy, and culture. Founders: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) (University of the Alberta / University of Toronto).

LIKБЕЗ. Історичний фронт – a public education project exists from the spring of 2014 and brings together the social asset of Ukrainian historians. The purpose of the project is to popularize Ukraine's history in the most diverse formats since it is the adequate vision of the past that is the basis of Ukrainian identity and the key to the unity of the country.

Manuscriptorium – a project that creates a virtual environment for researchers that provides access to digital documents in the field of historical sources (manuscripts, incunabulas, old printed matter, maps, statutes, and other types of documents). The service provides direct access to more than 5 million digital images.

Perseus Digital Library – the largest online database of Latin and Greek texts and archaeological finds. The digital collection contains 6.5 million Greek 4 million Latin texts; over 64,000 images and 3-D presentations.

The European Library (TEL) provides access to electronic resources (catalogs and digital collections) of 48 national libraries in English, French, German, Spanish, and other (total 35) languages. Digital collections include various objects of the historical and cultural heritage of Europe: rare and valuable books (manuscripts and printed matter), engraving, drawings, posters, sound recordings, notes, video films, TV archives, photographs, maps, military and historical archives, etc.

World Digital Library – the world's digital library, which provides free access to a large number of materials through the Internet, representing the cultures of different countries in six languages. WDL allows you to discover, explore and enjoy the treasures of the world's cultural heritage on one site. These are manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, photographs, photographs, and architectural drawings.

Archive of old newspapers – a site dedicated to old newspapers that have ever been published in Ukraine or related to it. Free access. 

Electronic archive of the Ukrainian liberation movement – provides open access to electronic copies of documents on the history of the Ukrainian liberation movement in the XX century.

Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine (ESU) – the first online version of the multi-volume encyclopedia that truly, impartially, and comprehensively presents a holistic, multi-faceted image of Ukraine of the XX-XXI centuries in individuals, institutions, and concepts. The publication covers all spheres of life of Ukraine - from the geographical position, nature, history, political system, economy and industry, science, culture, art, literature to sports and youth subculture.

Golden collection of Eurasia – a digital collection of the most prominent and valuable publications that reflect the history and culture of the peoples of the CIS countries. 

Ізборник. Історія України IX-XVIII ст. Першоджерела та інтерпретації – the project of the electronic library of ancient Ukrainian literature. The library is a collection of electronic books and texts, united by the proclaimed subject and the only idea. The idea of ​​the project is to strive to collect as many works of Ukrainian writing as possible not just as a random collection of texts of different times and authors, but against the background of a holistic cultural-historical process, where a clear understanding of the unity, heredity, and identity of Ukrainian literature becomes clear, despite obvious discrepancies in the language code and there are breaks in tradition. In this background are the chronicles, chronicles, and historical documents.

Ukrainian Archaeologists Association – the site contains a virtual library containing a large collection of publications on archeology (articles, monographs, collections, serials) and a digitized archive of the journal "Archeology".

Digital Library of Historical and Cultural Heritage – electronic library, which is formed on the principle of profile thematic collections and contains rare and valuable publications from the fund of the National Historical Library of Ukraine.

Academic Journals Database (Switzerland) – a universal database of periodical literature covering fundamental research in all fields of knowledge. Especially strong in medical research, humanities and social sciences. The journals in this database contain full bibliographic citations, precise indexing, and informative theses for articles from a wide range of periodicals. The database contains approximately 5,800 internationally recognized journals. 1.28 million articles are available online. Open access

Directory of Open Access Journals free access to full-text, peer-reviewed journals from all fields of knowledge and in different languages. Open access

DRJI (Directory of Research Journals Index) (India) – provides free access to scientific literature to support the use of research and information in order to improve the quality of teaching, teaching and research. To index the site, thousands of resources are reviewed and evaluated to help researchers select key websites and research journals. The product functions as a gateway that provides metadata for indexed articles in social networks, other indexing systems and electronic libraries. Open access

Academic Search Premier – a database containing full texts of publications of more than 3,200 scientific publications on a wide range of social and humanitarian disciplines. Authorized access.

Journals4Free – portal of open access journals. More than 7000 titles of academic journals! Search can be done by category, language, or presence in databases.

Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) – the database is aimed at storing and disseminating scientific articles in such fields of knowledge as energy, the environment, health, cognitive interaction systems, electronic infrastructures, socio-economic, and humanities. OpenAIRE is also a project for access to the results of research carried out on the territory of European countries, in particular to those funded by the European Union, the European Commission, and also conducted within the framework of the "Horizon 2020" program. Open access

Persee – a portal featuring a collection of French journals in the humanities and social sciences. The collection contains complete texts about 90 thousand articles and about 14 thousand audio files (versions) of articles from 72 titles of periodicals covering the following disciplines: philosophy, anthropology, archeology, art, economics, geography, history, information, communications in the field of science, jurisprudence, linguistics, literature, political science, psychology, sociology. An archive of some materials, such as Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des charts. Open access

Project Gutenberg – public (voluntary) initiative on digitization, archiving, and dissemination of cultural works. It is the oldest universal e-library. Most units in this collection are full texts of books that are in the public domain.

SpringerLink is access to electronic resources of the Springer Publishing House, one of Europe's largest providers of scientific information. The information base will hold over 2700 periodicals from all disciplines (English, German).

SpringerOpen – an archive of peer-reviewed scientific journals in all fields of science with open access from Springer Publishing and an interdisciplinary database.

World Public Library – a global resource that gives access to classical works of literature, periodicals, bibliographic information, reference literature, etc. The theme includes the following collections: literature (adventure, classical, dramatic, detective, children's, scientific), literature of the Elizabethan era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the XXI century, folklore, history, humanities, poetry, political science, religious studies, science fiction, biography, esotericism. The resource provides access to books by renowned world-class academic publishers, electronic and audiobooks, comics, and periodicals. The portal allows you to download books in pdf format. Authorized access.

WorldCat – the largest bibliographic database in the world, which has over 240 million records of all types of works in 470 languages of the world. The database is created by joint efforts of more than 72 thousand libraries from 170 countries in the framework of the organization Online Computer Library Center.

Internet Resources

COPAC Union Catalogue (United Kingdom) – a directory of 22 most authoritative university libraries in Britain and Ireland, as well as the British Library. Works on Z39.50 protocol. There are three search options available: by author and title, by subject area and by search of periodicals. All interfaces are simple and convenient. In the results list, you can view the full record and / or mark it for further storage. The service functions include the ability to upload results to the specified e-mail address. The disadvantage of this directory is typical for most directories that run under Z39.50: the results include a large number of duplicate entries per publication, from databases of various libraries.

CENDARI (Collaborative European Digital Archival Research Infrastructure) – a virtual environment for working with archives, which opens scientists access to the descriptions and metadata of medieval culture and World War I. Obtained from more than 1200 institutions in Europe and the world. (English).

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) – electronic archive and service organization for data archiving and network services. The archive combines collections of art, humanities and social sciences, health care, and others. DANS is created by the Institute of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Netherlands, supported by the Government of the Netherlands (KNAW) and the Organization for Scientific Research (NOW).

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB). The library of electronic journals since 1997, within the framework of the project of the University Library of Regensburg, in cooperation with the Library of Munich Technical University, offers quick, structured and unified access (in English and German) to scholarly full-text journals. It includes 76 419 titles, of which 13,923 journals from all fields of knowledge are issued only in electronic form. 45,575 titles of journals are freely available in full-text version. All institutions have full access to all publications in the project.

Internet Archive – a nonprofit organization located in San Francisco, California, whose goal is to preserve cultural heritage. The web service supports an electronic library, archive of network and multimedia resources, software, movies, books, and sound recordings.

Open Library – a site that aims to create a catalog of books that have ever been published. Works on the principle of Wikipedia - the creation of a separate page for a separate book by the users themselves. In addition to the catalog of books, the resource provides free access to e-books (today - more than 1 million names).

Open J-Gate – an electronic library of scientific journals on social, humanitarian, natural sciences and engineering, supported by Informatics India Ltd. Currently includes more than 6300 names of magazines, organized in the fields of knowledge. Document search is carried out by author, title, keywords, date of publication.

Open Textbooks Library – access to the open source library of free, peer-reviewed, and licensed textbooks.

ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) – a register of all repositories and other sources of open information all over the world. The project is developed by the University of Southampton (UK) and is part of the network.

Scribd – a social service that allows anyone on the Internet to easily publish, distribute and share e-books, documents, presentations, newsletters, and more. Documents from Scribd are displayed in a special flash module, which can also be embedded on any page (for example, blogs) using the HTML code provided by the service. Open access

The Free Library – founded in 2003, the resource offers free full-text versions of classical literary works from hundreds of well-known authors, biographies, and images. Recently, the Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications on business and finance, communications, culture, health, humanities, law, politics, technology and the social sciences.

Scientific periodicals of Ukraine / Наукова періодика України  a publishing system that contains more than 30 Ukrainian journals on history, economics, cultural studies, medicine, art studies, pedagogy, political science, engineering, physics and mathematics, philology, and philosophy. Open access 

Scientific electronic library of periodicals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine / Наукова електронна бібліотека періодичних видань НАН України is an open access library and provides free access for readers to scientific information on the Internet with the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, refer to full-text articles, index, ie use it with a legitimate purpose without financial, legal and technical obstacles. Current status - more than 6 500 titles of editions.

Scientific Periodicals Ukraine – the portal of the scientific periodicals of the National Library of Ukraine to them. VI Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents open access to scientific journals and collections of scientific works published in Ukraine, contains more than 35 000 titles of editions.

Baidu (кит. 百度 (Bǎidù), Байду, NASDAQ: BIDU) – a leader among Chinese search engines. By the number of queries, the search site "Baidu" ranks 3rd in the world (3 billion 428 million, with a share in the global search 5.2%).

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) (Germany) – one of the world's largest search engines, specialized in finding scientific documents for open access on the Internet. Operator BASE is a library of the University Bielefeld (Germany). BASE collects, normalizes and indexes data from repository servers using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). In addition to the OAI metadata, BASE indexes selected web sites and local library data. All this together can be searched through one interface.

DuckDuckGo – the site provides an open source search engine that uses information from many sources to deliver accurate and varied results. Compliance with the policy of full privacy – refusal to collect, store and process user data.

Google Scholar – a freely available search engine that indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Scholar includes articles published in magazines, stored in repositories or located on research sites or individual scholars.

Google Books – full-text search service for books digitized by Google (over 10 million books from the largest US libraries). The library offers millions of great editions with which you can read or read them completely for free.

Metasearch Search Engine – search service (valid since 1998) in more than 300 journals and journals in the field of management, economics, computer science, technology, education, sports, art, etc.

Microsoft Academic Search – науковий пошуковий портал від Microsoft Corporation, який було розроблено для того, щоб дослідити зв'язки між вченими, науковцями, студентами та їх науковими дослідженнями.

RefSeek – search engine for students and researchers, searches through web pages, books, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers. – a global scientific search engine that searches for information on national and international scientific databases and portals.

Yahoo – English-language search engine that has the most developed directory structure and various services. Hundreds of thousands of different Internet resources are arranged in 14 main sections, each of which has several sub-sections with more narrow themes.

Meta – full-text search on servers of Ukraine and foreign Ukrainian servers, taking into account morphology of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Financial and computer news, weather, marketing researches of the Ukrainian Internet. – social network for the cooperation of scientists. The network can be used to share with other articles, keep track of their quotes, and keep track of news of research and development by names and keywords. It is positioned as a universal network for representatives of all spheres of science.


Open Educational Resources


Prometheus – public project for mass open online courses (IWC). Free online access to the best university level courses.

ВУМ online – an educational project that disseminates ideas and promotes the development of civil society in Ukraine. Courses from leading professors of business schools, the public sector, practitioners in business and social affairs.



Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – an academic research institution whose staff investigates a wide range of problems of national history.

I.F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – was created with the purpose of in-depth and comprehensive development of problems that became especially important with the proclamation of Ukraine's independence. It is about the current dynamics of political institutions and processes, the correlation of politics and ethno-national relations, the need to develop new paradigms of ethno-national development, the prevention of conflict in the ethno-national sphere, the modeling of optimal variants of ethnopolitics, technology management of spheres of political and interethnic relations, examination of bills, state and non-state development programs in various spheres of social life.

A. Krymskiy Institute of Oriental Studies National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – the leading scientific institution where studies of languages, literatures, history, philosophy, religion, culture and problems of socio-political development of the countries and regions of the Middle, Middle and Far East, as well as the history and culture of the peoples of eastern origin in the territory of modern Ukraine are conducted.

Institute of Ukrainian Studies. I. Krypyakevych of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine the leading academic institution of the humanitarian profile, which is based on the principles of complexity and interdisciplinarity in the approach to the study of socio-humanitarian issues.

Institute of Ukrainian Archaeography and Source Studies named after MS Hrushevsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – specialized Ukrainian scientific institution in the field of archeography, source study and special historical disciplines within the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Odessa Archaeological Museum National Academy of Science of Ukraine the oldest archaeological museum in Ukraine, the research institute of the Department of History, Philosophy and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is a part of the Southern Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Kowalski Oriental Institute of Ukrainian Studies. The Kowalsky program is named after the prominent Ukrainian philanthropists Daria and Michael Kowalsky (Weston, Ontario), famous for supporting research in the field of Ukrainian studies.

Ukrainian Institute of National Memory / Український інститут національної пам’яті. The site is filled with materials (publications in the press, books, photos, decoding of radio programs, etc.) devoted to the heroic and tragic pages of Ukrainian history during the twentieth century. The themes of the Holodomor and the national liberation movement are dominant. It is possible to participate in polls and discussions on the forum, view and download the full texts of the publication.

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe – an independent research center founded in 2004 by the Austrian historian Harald Binder in Lviv. The Center contributes to the development of research in the field of urban history of East Central Europe and, in particular, the city of Lviv, develops international cooperation with related academic institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) a nonprofit, non-political, scientific community, a leading international organization promoting knowledge of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia and Eastern Europe in the regional and global contexts.

Canadian Institute of Ukraine a in Studies – the center of Ukrainian studies outside Ukraine, founded in 1976 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, conducts research and publishing activities on Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian topics, that is, about Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora.

Centre commemoratif de l'Holocauste a Montreal – non-profit organization, recognized as a charitable organization, informs and educates people of all ages and all sections of society on the Holocaust.

Polish Center for Holocaust Research – unites researchers from various disciplines of the humanities: historians, literary critics, sociologists, psychologists who want to take an active part in the study and dissemination of knowledge about the Holocaust.

Auschwitz Jewish Center – a public organization that exists to serve as a guardian of Jewish memory, and educate the public about the Holocaust.

Cold War History Research Center, Budapest (University of Budapest). Virtual Cold War Research Center in Central and Eastern Europe.

Comite International des Sciences Historiques (CISH) a non-governmental organization set up to establish cooperation between historians from different countries of the world.

Estonian Institute of Historical Memory / Естонський інститут історичної пам'яті вивчає міжнародні злочини та порушення прав людини, вчинені ворожими режимами в Естонії з 1998 року, а також тоталітарні ідеології, що спричинили такі режими. Метою дослідження і інформування Інституту є також боротьба з ворожістю XXL століття та активна участь у національних та міжнародних освітніх та інформаційних заходах.

GENDER MUSEUM – The museum of woman history and history about woman and gender movement the first and still the only one in Ukraine, the Museum of Women's and Gender History, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of the general public to the issues of women and gender; promoting the strengthening of cultural ties between Ukraine and other countries, consolidating the international women's movement.

Ghetto Fighters House Museum the world's first Holocaust Museum, founded by the victims of the Genocide.

Hannah Arendt-Center, Sofia  ​​the Bulgarian Foundation works in the areas of promoting democracy, freedom and human rights.

HDKE – Holokauszt Emlekkozpont. The Memorial Center is one of the few state institutions in the world exclusively dedicated to the history of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Education & Archives Research Team

Virtual Museum of the Gulag  a collection of material evidence of the era of the USSR, scattered around museum collections, as well as "out-of-town" objects.

"Tkuma" ("Revival") Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies the first national center for the study of the Holocaust history.

Західноукраїнська асоціація "Спадщина України" a public nonprofit organization, was founded in August 1998.

Івано-Франківська обласна організація Національної спілки краєзнавців України brings together scientists, teachers, cultural workers, and all those who not only love their land, but are actively engaged in studying it.

Judaica Institute a public organization created by an initiative group to study and promote the past and present life of the Jewish community of Ukraine. The Institute specializes in organizing and conducting research in the field of Jewish history and culture of Ukraine and coordinating the activities of researchers in this field.

Institute of Urban History created jointly with the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies named after. Ms Hrushevsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Berdyansk State Pedagogical University.

Львівська фундація суспільних наук – a professional scientific public organization that brings together leading scholars who are actively engaged in various research on contemporary social sciences (philosophy, political science, sociology and history).

Міжнародна асоціація україністів (МАУ) – the association of scholars studying the history and culture of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Національна спілка краєзнавців України (НСКУ) – a voluntary creative organization with the status of a national all-Ukrainian creative union as a subject of creative activity, bringing together ethnographers - professional researchers and chroniclers of their native land.

Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes "TERRITORY OF TERROR" which is being created in the city of Lviv on the territory of the former Peresylna Prison № 25 and the Lviv Ghetto. Two barracks, watchtowers, barbed wire fences and other infrastructural objects of that time have been recreated on the territory of the museum complex. Mission: elaboration, preservation and transfer of experience about the totalitarian past; explanation of the mechanisms of functioning of totalitarian ideologies for the development of the historical consciousness of society.

Ukrainian Archaeologists Association an all-Ukrainian public organization, which unites Ukrainian archaeologists in order to protect historical heritage, common artistic, economic and social interests of archaeologists themselves. 

Товариство пошуку жертв війни "Пам'ять". The main purpose of the society is the detection and reburial of the victims of the hostilities of the First and Second World Wars, liberation struggles, political repressions, the restoration and streamlining of memorial (military) cemeteries, the scientific study of the course of combat operations and specific battlefields with a historical and educational purpose.

Українська асоціація дослідників жіночої історії

Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies a professional non-governmental organization that aims to coordinate activities aimed at the development of Judaism in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Heraldry Society (UHT) an organization that deals with research in such special historical disciplines as heraldry, vexylology, emblem, sphragistics, uniformology and genealogy, promotes their popularization and practical application. UHT provides consulting and assistance with the development of coats of arms, flags, emblems, etc.

Ukrainian Science Club – public non-profit organization. The statutory task of the UNC is to promote the reform of the scientific sphere in Ukraine. The organization conducts independent analytical research and monitoring of education, the development of science and technology in Ukraine and throughout the world.

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR) – a non-governmental, non-partisan think tank that develops democratic procedures in the field of public policy and affirms in society the ideas of the irreversibility of democratic transformation. The center focuses on the careful study of socio-political processes in Ukraine and the EU, generates ideas and advocates for good governance, engages in civil and political education, and creates platforms for public communication.

Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS) – non-Governmental Non-Governmental Organization, created in partnership with the Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies. I. Kuras National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Priority directions of the Center's activities are scientific research and pedagogical activities. The main themes of scientific research are the regional features of the Holocaust on the territory of Ukraine, the Holocaust's reflection in the media during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, Nazi ideology and mechanisms for its implementation, the problem of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust denial, comparative studies of the Holocaust and other genocides.

Center for the Studies of History and Culture of East European Jewry facilitates the coordination of research work in the field of history and culture of Eastern European Jewry, organizes and supports relevant conferences, seminars, reading both in Ukraine and abroad.

Центр и фонд "Холокост: Память и предупреждение" / Центр і фонд "Голокост: Пам’ять і попередження" – the first in the post-Soviet space, an organization whose goal is to immortalize the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

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