Version 03

(The basic version was approved by the Academic Council

Minutes № 9 of 13 April 2006)


{With changes made in accordance with Order №0459-I of 24.05.2023}

1. General provisions

1.1 Rules of use of the Library and branches (hereinafter the Rules) establish the procedure for using the funds and services of the Library of Sumy State University, regulate the relations of the Library with users, determine their rights and responsibilities. The rules are developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Libraries and Library Affairs, the Standard Regulations on the Library of Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine, the Regulations on the Library of Sumy State University.

1.2 The library is an educational, informational, scientific, cultural and educational structural unit of the Sumy State University (hereinafter the University, Sumy State University), which contributes to the educational, research, and cultural and educational activities of the university community and the region.


2. Customer service procedure


2.1 All citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens, regardless of gender, age, nationality, education, social origin, political and religious beliefs, place of residence, have the right to use the library, having previously familiarized themselves with its Rules. Enrollment in the library is carried out on the basis of orders for admission to study/acceptance to work at the university and/or identity documents, online and/or offline.

2.2 Service to persons studying and/or working at Sumy State University (hereinafter referred to as users) is provided upon presentation of a student card, passport (ID card), a digital document from the Diya application or another document that allows identification of a person.

All other persons (hereinafter referred to as third-party users) are served on the condition that they issue and present a reader's ticket (valid for 1 year) or a one-time subscription (valid for 1 day). A reader's ticket is issued on the condition of having a passport (ID card) or another document that replaces it. In case of loss of the reader's ticket or change of surname, the third-party user must issue a duplicate document by paying its cost. It is strictly forbidden to transfer the reader's card to other persons.

2.3 Users of all categories, provided they provide their own personal data and consent to their use in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data", library employees register in the database of library users and create a personal electronic form for each of them (hereinafter - electronic form). The provided personal data is confidential. The use of personal data is carried out by library employees only within the framework of the performance of their official duties. Registration of users to whom services are provided exclusively through the library website is carried out without the use of personal data.

2.4 The electronic form of users is valid during the period of study and/or work at the university, third-party users - for the period of validity of the reader's ticket.

2.5 Ordering, issuance and return of publications from the library funds is carried out through the automated library information system "UFD/Library" using an electronic form.

2.6 Ordering, issuing and returning materials from the Library funds is carried out through the automated library information system (ALIS) on the basis of an electronic reader's form. To do this, users provide their personal data and consent to their use in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection.

2.7 Access to library funds, information resources and computerized workplaces of the library is free of charge. The list of additional paid services is determined in accordance with the established procedure in accordance with the current legislation and the Regulation on paid library services. The types and cost of paid services are published on the library's website.

2.8 Access to the extended functionality of the library's electronic catalog is provided, subject to authorization, using the "Electronic catalog" service in the Personal Cabinet of Sumy State University and/or through the reader's ID and password.

2.9 The use of publications from the library's funds is carried out in the library's service departments, department libraries, through interlibrary subscription (hereinafter - IBA) and the library's website.

2.10. Users can receive literature for temporary use for the following terms:

  • Educational literature semester / academic year;
  • Fiction (up to 3 copies) - up to 15 days;
  • Scientific publications (up to 15 copies) - up to 1 month;

Users who adhere to the terms of using the literature have the right to receive materials on a night pass for 1-7 days. In case of late return of literature, users are deprived of the right to use this service.

2.11. The term of use of the literature can be extended, provided there is no demand from other users. To do this, users submit an online or offline request to the specialists of the library's service departments.

2.12. Users who have not returned the literature within the specified time limits cannot receive other literature.

2.13. Rare and valuable publications, encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, large format documents, atlases, albums, dissertations, periodicals and literature that is in the Library funds in limited quantities, are provided for use in reading rooms. The number of issued documents for work in reading rooms is not limited.

2.14 Users who do not belong to the university community can use printed publications only in the library reading rooms.

2.15 For violation of the Rules, a user of any category may be deprived of the right to use the services and funds of the library for a period determined by the library administration, in accordance with the Model Rules for using the library of a higher educational institution of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


3. Rights, duties and responsibilities of users and the Library


3.1 Users have the right to:

  • Use all funds and electronic resources of the Library;
  • Receive advisory assistance in the selection of literature on traditional and electronic sources of information;
  • Receive bibliographic, reference and information and other services of the Library;
  • Provide proposals for replenishment and organization of the Library funds, its reference and information apparatus and mode of operation;
  • To take part in seminars, trainings, literary and musical evenings, debates, exhibitions and other events held by the Library;
  • Receive additional paid services in the manner prescribed by the Regulations of the Library;
  • To arrange excursions through the Library and museums (Museum of Historical and Local Lore Studies SumDU, Museum of the History of Money);
  • Submit applications for short-term use of the Library premises.

3.2 Users are obliged to:

  • Observe the Library Rules;
  • Take care of the received materials and property of the Library;
  • Adhere to copyright rules when copying documents, using electronic databases and other intellectual property provided by the Library;
  • To inform the actual contact information, address and e-mail when registering in the electronic forms of the Library;
  • To check the literature for damage during the receipt of documents and to inform the Library staff about the detected defects of the literature;
  • To return the received materials in due time and in a proper condition, not to spoil the received materials;
  • Not to take out of the Library materials that are not registered in the reader's form;
  • To replace lost or damaged literature with the same or equivalent relevant literature (date of publication - the last 3 years). If it is impossible to make a replacement, the reader must make a photocopy of the publication. Replacement of lost or damaged library publications is recorded in a special journal and confirmed by the signatures of the user and the responsible person performing the replacement;
  • Respect the rights of other users of the Library, follow the order, be polite and correct with the Library staff;
  • In case of expulsion, academic leave or dismissal from the University - to return all literature to the Library and sign a bypass letter;
  • Do not pass the reader's ticket to others.

3.3 The library is obliged to:

  • Inform users about all types of services provided by the Library;
  • To carry out informational and library-bibliographic service of users, to provide full and operative satisfaction of their inquiries. Study the information needs of users and respond to them in a timely manner;
  • Replenish the fund with modern literature, periodicals, electronic documents in accordance with the curricula and areas of research of the University;
  • Systematically monitor the timeliness of returning the issued documents to the Library;
  • To carry out work on prevention of reader's debt;
  • To deprive users who have violated the Library Rules or caused damage to the Library, the right to use the services of the library for a period determined by the Library;
  • To ensure high quality of services and services of the Library through the introduction of the latest electronic technologies advanced training of employees, etc;
  • To promote the educational and scientific work of students, faculty and staff of the University by providing them with advice and assistance in organizing independent work;
  • To carry out vocational guidance and educational work with schoolchildren and youth of the region;
  • To carry out the account, storage of printed works, other materials making a fund of Library, according to the established rules;
  • Make changes and additions to the Library Rules, determine the mode of operation of the Library;
  • Adhere to the mode of customer service and timely inform about changes;
  • Adhere to the sanitary and hygienic rules of storage of funds and proper sanitary and technical working conditions. Hold a sanitary day every month (last Friday of the month).


4. Final provisions


4.1 Rules (amendments and additions) enter into force on the day following their entry into force by order of the rector, unless otherwise provided by the same order.

4.2. In case of discrepancies between the Rules and documents of legislation, the national regulatory framework and other regulatory documents of the university, the edition of the document (Rules) with a later date of entry into force is considered valid.

4.3. University officials are responsible for updating the Rules and monitoring the fulfillment of requirements in accordance with their functional duties.

4.4 Changes and additions to the Rules may be made by a decision of the academic council of the university, which is put into effect by an order of the rector or, in motivated cases, by an order of the rector in agreement with the chairman of the academic council. The Rules are canceled in the same manner.

4.5 Recognize Version 02 of the Rules as having lost its validity.


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