Virtual Exhibition

We invite you to get acquainted with the virtual exhibition of glass paintings "Fusing Magic" in the technique of fusing and mosaics. The exhibition presents a variety of stained glass paintings, which are handmade by stained glass masters of the Studio "Color's Mystery".

Fusing is a technique for sintering colored glass in an oven at 800 °C. The glass softens, melts and becomes liquid, and the pieces of colored glass merge into the glass sheet-base, becoming one whole and forming a drawing. The masters of the studio have been creating beautiful paintings in the technique of fusion since 2002.  They can "feel" the glass, have a firm hand and developed artistic thinking. These techniques allow you to convey the variety of color, volume, and texture of the displayed elements in the picture.



At the SumDU Library, anyone can take an AR-quest (Augmented Reality) with their smartphone!
Read the QR code, go through the Library labyrinth, solve the Raccoon challenge and get prizes! The starts from the main entrance.
Spend your free time with benefits! The raccoon is waiting for the erudite.

A virtual quest game created with the support of the E-Learning Technology Center (a virtual and augmented reality training lab) aimed at attracting young people's attention to the libraries novelties.

April 22 is World Earth Day. It is a celebration of clean Water, Earth, and Air, which aims to bring people together on the planet to protect the environment, to draw attention to environmental issues. On this day, many activities are being undertaken in all countries of the world to make the world more clean and responsible.
We invite everyone to visit the "Living Planet" exhibition. Its purpose is to remind everyone that he is a part of nature and not its master.
Each of us has to think about what he can personally do to preserve the wealth and natural resources that nature has endowed us with.

We offer for viewing the virtual exhibition-competition "Life in the Style of ECO" created by the Library of SumDU within the project "Green Library".

The exhibition presents art objects from the trash and junk, drawings and posters with ideas for solving environmental problems, recycling. Participants of the competition are students of SumDU and schoolchildren of Sumy.


Despite changing the format of the Library in the modern digital age, the popularity of reading remains a main idea.

Within the project "Reading Changes Us and Everything Around" has created a "Kitchen Reading" video featuring interviews with university and city celebrities.

Thanks to "Kitchens Reading" we learned about the attitude to reading famous Sumy citizens. What is the most popular literature nowadays? Will the books be relevant in the future?


Together with photo artists and city photographers, the Sumy State Library organized a photo exhibition "Let's Save Our Native Landscapes".

The photo exhibition is devoted to the problems of the natural environment of the Sumy Region, aggressive anthropogenic influence, clogging of territories, nature conservation and responsible attitude of the person to the environment.


To the 70th anniversary of Sumy State University, the Library SumDU presents a historical photo exhibition "From History to Nowadays".

We invite everyone to feel at the intersection of time: from the eighteenth century to the present. Open the unexpected boundaries of home university. The exhibition covers all stages of the formation and development of Sumy State University, both the historical milestone of the city's heyday during the existence of the Kharitonenko sugar mill and the modern period of unification of the two higher education institutions.


  Library SumDU, 2nd floor


A significant part of the library's fund is compiled by publications on ethnography, religious studies, the history of the native land and the state; fiction; rare editions.
The pearl of the collection of rare editions is facsimile of the Peresopnytsia Gospel (2008). This book is an outstanding handwritten monument of Ukrainian culture and art of the middle of the XVI century.
The Peresopnytsia Gospel is the first well-known translation of the Gospel's sacred text in the Old Ukrainian language, which was carried out in order to defend its own culture, religion, language of the Ukrainian people.


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