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Virtual Exhibition

April 22 is World Earth Day. It is a celebration of clean Water, Earth and Air, which aims to bring people together on the planet to protect the environment, to draw attention to environmental issues. On this day, many activities are being undertaken in all countries of the world to make the world more clean and responsible.
We invite everyone to visit the "Living Planet" exhibition. Its purpose is to remind everyone that he is a part of nature and not its master.
Each of us has to think about what he can personally do to preserve the wealth and natural resources that nature has endowed us with.

To the 70th Anniversary of Sumy State University the Library SumDU presents a historical photo exhibition "From History to the Modernity".

We invite everyone to feel at the intersection of time: from the eighteenth century to the present. Open the unexpected boundaries of home university. The exhibition covers all stages of the formation and development of Sumy State University, both the historical milestone of the city's heyday during the Kharitonenka sugar mill and the modern period of unification of the two higher education institutions.


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