Thematic Book Exhibitions

2020 – The Year of Europe in Ukraine

We invite you to view the book exhibition "2020 – The Year of Europe in Ukraine" for anyone interested in the problems of the development of the European Union and European integration of Ukraine.

The European Union is an of 28 states that have united on the basis of universal and democratic values ​​to achieve stability, peace, and prosperity. Ukrainian state has identified integration with the European community as a priority of its development.

The books are available at the Central Library, 2nd Floor (LIC 208) and at the Library Branch, Reading Room (Congress Center, room 202)

Book ExhibitionUkrainian Unity Day is a holiday, which is celebrated to mark the signing of the treaty between the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's
Republic, on the St Sophia Square in Kyiv, on January 22 in 1919. The first official celebration of Ukrainian Unity Day at the state level took place on January 22, 1939, in the capital of the Carpathian Ukraine − Khust. In modern Ukraine, at the state level, that day was first celebrated in 1999.
Today this holiday is celebrated by the creation of a human chain that unites the Western and Eastern parts of the country.
The first chain was created in 1990 when more than a million patriotic Ukrainians joined hands and united the way from Kyiv to Lviv.

Ukrainian Language: History and PresentProject "Ukrainian Language: History and Present" promotes preservation of the cultural heritage and popularization of the Ukrainian language.

Within the framework of the program "Decade of the Ukrainian Language" initiated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2018, the SumDU Library holds a series of cultural and educational events and exhibitions of valuable Ukrainian-language publications for schoolchildren and students of the region.


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