People who Inspire

Kainova Anna

an eco-activist, volunteer, traveler, participant of "F*ck da trash", a graduate of SumDU and AIESEC, works at IT company Brocoders, initiator of 17 projects in 11 countries around the world on responsible consumption together with Electrolux


Shvachunov Igor

Sumy painter, master of easel painting and graphics, watercolorist, photoartist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, lecturer of SSPU named A. Makarenko. The artist's works are stored in the Würt Gallery of Contemporary Art (Germany), the Sumy Regional Art Museum named N. Onatsky, the Lebedyn City Art Museum, galleries, private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy, USA, Canada


Sidlyarenko Andriy

Head of Unicheck Ukraine Antiplagiate LLC, cybernetics specialist, lecturer at National Aviation University, disciplines: Software Visualization, Software Economics


Аrtyukhov Artem

Candidate of technical sciences, docent of the department "Processes and equipment of chemical and oil refineries", head of the group of promotion of academic integrity of SumDU, a fellowship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


ШальноваKidruk Max

Ukrainian writer, traveler, columnist for men's magazine "XXL". Author of 9 novels and a series of travelogues. His works have been translated into Polish, Russian, German and Czech.
The author's new book, "Until the Light Goes Out Forever," is interactive, it has augmented reality. Through a special mobile app, the reader can chat with the characters of the book, ask what is interesting or disturbing

ШальноваKipiani Vakhtang

Ukrainian journalist, historian, publicist, editor of the "Historical Truth" edition, presenter of the "Historical Truth" television program, teacher of the master's program in journalism at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, and the "PR" Chair at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" press in Kyiv, winner of the Georgy Gongadze Prize (May 2019)


ШальноваMichael Yudenkov 

Professional artist, master of painting and landscape, who has an original and well-known painting style. He is called "Paul Cezanne's follower." He was twice awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine "for his significant contribution to the creation of spiritual values and high professional skill".



Svitlana Kachurovska

Ukrainian artist of oil painting, illustrator of childrens books, master of creative paintings (pillows, dresses), art coach of non-standard painting techniques, program leader on the TV channel UA: Sumy, writer, author of the book "Zasinailiki"




Гончаренко ОлегKaterina Shalnova

Founder and coach of the yoga studio Symmetry, practical psychologist, psychotherapist







Vladislava Kachkovska

Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant, member of international congresses (Greece, Spain, United Kingdom); study at a pulmonary school (Portugal); internship at the University Clinic of General Practice and Family Medicine (France), member of EULAR, ERS


Stepurin Ivan

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of the Summit Book Publishing House, member of the KODA Public Commission on Culture, member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors, curator of the project "Videontology of modern Ukrainian poetry "Rimova".

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