Art Exhibitions


The SumDY Library constantly organizes art exhibitions of painting, decorative and applied art, photo exhibitions. The Library provides an opportunity to show their works to artists, creative students, and amateurs in the Art Gallery – Event Room.

The Library designs and distributes promotional materials, create virtual exhibitions, organizes the presentation of exhibitions.


We invite everyone to cooperate! 



Iryna Kovalenko

Deputy Director

  +38 (0542) 68-79-30

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   "The Magic of Fusing". An Exhibition of Paintings by the Stained Glass Studio "Color's Mystery"





    "Retrospections". Exhibition of painting by Igor Shvachunov









    "Season". Exhibition of painting by Mikhail Yudenkov









    "Again Spring and again hope ... again, my dreams go away ...". Painting exhibition by Alexander Cherednichenko









    "Colored Cradle". Personal exhibition of Svetlana Kachurovska








    "From History to Modernity": Historical Photo Exhibition to the 70th Anniversary of Sumy State University




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