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SumDU library locationsSumy State University Library (SumDU Library) is a modern high-tech information system, that includes:

 the Central Library
• 4 Institutional Libraries
4 College Libraries
• 36 Libraries of University Departments
9 Libraries at SumDU Distance Learning Centers

Every year the library serves about 65 thousand people, in particular, electronic resources are used by 50 thousand remote users.

Priority areas of work:
➠ Library and bibliographic and information services for users
➠ Formation of a collection of printed and e-publications of SumDU authors, publishing houses and OER
➠ Development of own information resources
➠ Organization of access to authoritative electronic resources
➠ Information support of research, teaching and learning at the university
➠ Promotion of scientific and educational products of the university community
➠ Formation of information culture of all categories of users
➠ Improving physical and virtual library spaces
➠ Projects: "Green Library", "Reading Promotion", "Financial Literacy", "Digital Education", "SumDU on Wikipedia pages"


Our Team



The mission of the SumDU Library is:Library Teams

 to promote high-quality information resources and innovative services

 to stimulate creativity and intellectual innovations

 to provide space for throughout learning

 to support effective use of the university potential

 to be the innovative cultural center of the university


Our staff is committed to the following principles:

 to develop and provide user-centric services

 to maintain the atmosphere that promotes learning, intellectual and skills development of the university community

 to provide access to an international and multilingual collection that represents different cultures, ideas, and information

 to be an intellectual hub that unites and develops community, fosters links, cooperation, and interdisciplinary

 to support the open access principles


Promo video

From now, you can see the SumDU Library virtually. Student media agency "Studio16x9" has created a video about the library. The video shows modern comfortable halls, large computerized seats, the latest electronic technologies.



Sumy State University Library
Rymskoho-Korsakova str., 2,
40007, Ukraine, Sumy

  +38 (0542) 33-10-39

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