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Library is Open for Everybody!

For everyone Library of Sumy State University provides free, open and complimentary access to information resources as well as to information technologies and Internet.

Resources and technologies are open and accessible not only the university community but also to the public of the region: students of other universities; pupils of gymnasiums, lyceums, schools; scientists; specialists of enterprises, organizations of the region and private entrepreneurs.

The University supports the initiative of Open Access and provides free access through the Internet to scientific magazines (12) and publications of scientists and university staff. On-line information supply is realized through:

The Library site

Electronic Catalogue

Electronic Sumy State University Institutional Repository (eSSUIR)

How to be an User of Library

For the processing of the registration you should have such documents:

For students of SSU:

  1. A student card;
  2. A passport

For employees of SSU:

  1. A reference from Personnel Department;
  2. A passport

If you are not a student or an employee of University.

For employees:

  1. A reference from your place of work;
  2. A passport

For students of other educational establishments:

  1. A student card of the establishment, where you are studying;
  2. A passport

The procedure of the registration:

  1. Fill in the registration card;
  2. Draw up a reader’s card

Our address: Sumy, Rymskoho-Korsakova street, number 2, Sumy State University, Central Library, second floor, Sector of User Registration, room 206.