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About site

Dear visitors!

We introduce to you the site of the Library of Sumy State University.

Thanks to lasting many years experience (the site made a start from 1999 - a retro version) we have created an informative site which provides virtual access to our Library resources with help of a simple and convenient interface.

At any time on our site you can read lecture notes or a textbook, browse through a reference book, open methodical materials, find out in a dictionary, look over a book, work with scientific journals, listen to audio books, view the presentation. Here you can get a complete information about Library and its funds, reference system, new accessions, events, to get on-line consultation of an employee.

Now about some opportunities, which are realized on our site, and also about an electronic collection which is represented on the site and which includes own resources, acquired resources and resources of open access.

Electronic Catalogue is an electronic database that contains a list of all registered documents of our Library, and it’s about 400 thousand descriptions and 34 thousand electronic versions of documents. In the Electronic Catalogue you can find any document from our funds, to order a copy remotely for getting at the Library, to download a full-text electronic version through the Internet. Through the Electronic Catalogue you can view your own electronic account.

For better work with Electronic Catalogue you may view the presentation «How to use Electronic Catalogue».

About Library – there you find information about the structure of Library and Information System of SSU, which includes 52 libraries of SSU complex. Here you get to know in details about automation system, access to the Internet, reference search system, Library funds and Library events.

You can use both text descriptions and view media archive, where about three thousand photographs about the Library and Library events are collected.

Publications of Library – there are lists of new accessions, information and recommendatory lists, bibliographical indexes, which will be certainly needed during your studies and self-education.

In bulletin of Library events you will always find events according to your interests. Do not miss meetings with writers, poets, painters, painting exhibitions, Information Days and exciting celebrations. Be the organizers, participants and spectators of these events. We are always glad to see you.

Periodicals for the current year - our Library is the largest subscriber in the region. Scientific periodicals from all fields of knowledge is the most valuable source of actual scientific information. In this section lists of published periodicals and lists of periodicals in electronic format are represented. Place and format of access are indicated for each title in the list.

Open resources of  SSU - since 2005 all publications of the University have been  represented in open access on the site of the Library through the Electronic Catalogue, and since 2011 Institutional Repository has been started his work. The information of global Internet rating of repositories Webometrics shows increased interest of the international scientific community to the works of scientists of SSU.

More information about these resources:

Institutional Repository (eSSUIR) is an electronic archive of SSU, which includes the results of research activities of students and our university staff. More than 36 thousand full-text documents are collected in eSSUIR and are available for the whole world. You can use this resource for studies and research activities and also self-archive in eSSUIR your own research works.

Scientific periodicals of SSU – this resource provides access to open electronic archives of 11 scientific journals of  the University which are entered by HAC in the List of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine in the field of philological, medical, economic, technical, physical and historical sciences.

Remote courses of SSU - this resource is intended for students of remote education. It provides an opportunity of day-and-night access to educational materials, among which: 47 526 tests, 563 exercisers and interactive courses, 2 817 tasks for the individual work.

Electronic resources. It’s an universal collection of electronic resources in all fields of knowledge: natural, exact, technical, medical, human sciences. Each resource is provided with a description and a place of access. Resources are grouped by the level of access: local access, free access.

Resources of local access. It’s more than 600 thousand dissertations of Russia; a base of legislative and legal information of Ukraine; a base of standards that are in force on the territory of Ukraine; a base of the publishing house of periodicals EBSCO Publishing; a publishing base of electronic versions of books; Russian electronic journals on marketing, management, finance, social and human sciences, medicine, healthcare etc. All these resources are paid and according to agreements access to them is possible only in the local university network or under condition of IP- authorization from concrete computers.

Resources of free access - in this section more than 100 electronic bases are collected and described. Resources are grouped by a linguistic principle. Separately: Patent base (more than 40 resources) and Open educational resources (include references and descriptions of educational portals of international importance).

Scientific Resources of Ukraine - scientific full-text bases are collected:

Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine – this collection contains more than 1,6 thousand journals and collections of scientific works of Ukraine.

Electronic specialized editions – there are scientific specialized editions of Ukraine, have no printed analogue and they are represented only in electronic format.
Library of author’s abstracts – a full-text electronic base of author’s abstracts of theses which are defended in Ukraine for 1998 - 2012 years.

In the same section, for the reference Open archives of Ukraine, you can move to a System that allows to conduct a specialized search in open archives.

Internet resources - in 20 thematic sections relevant Internet resources are collected, a total number is more than 1,7 thousand sites that will be useful in search information on definite problems.

If you had any questions or difficulties in work with these resources, please write to on-line consultation.

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