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At the Library mechanisms of accompaniment and support are introduced and perfected, the following cycles are technologically coordinated:

  • there is a system of computerized giving out of  books and service of all users, thanks to it registration to the electronic library account is made by scanning and controlled by users with help of their own electronic signature (pin-code);
  • a system of registration of users and making of electronic plastic reader’s cards (extra module "Register of readers" in ALIS "UFD" Library") makes it possible to speed up authentication of the user and its electronic library account in all departments of the Library system;
  • a program protection complex of  Library collections Check Point is introduced;
  • there are Reading Rooms with open access to all types of information resources (over 70 thousand), documents on traditional information carriers, periodicals, CD, 127 AWP which are connected to the Internet;
  • traditional card catalogues were replaced by the "Electronic Catalogue" (EC), which in full represents all types of publications, numbers over 400 thousand descriptions and gives a possibility of multidimensional search by: author, title, words from the title, UDC code, types of documents, language, publisher, year of the publication etc.; includes information about distribution and location of the publication;
  • there is access through the EC to electronic copies of textbooks, methodical materials, lecture notes, technical documents etc.;
  • a Hall of Electronic Catalogues to work with the EC at the Library is organized  there;
  • access to the Electronic Catalogue from the local University network and the Internet is introduced there (from the Library site  – E-catalogue);
  • services of on-line order literature through Electronic Catalogue and remote viewing of your library account in real time from any location are implemented there;
  • a Virtual Reading Room for access to subscribtion resources (Liga-Zakon, EastView, EBSCO, Leonorm-Standard, Dissertations of Russia and others) is created there;
  • there is available connection to the Ukrainian Research and Academic Network "Uran", which provides on-line access to databases of scientific periodicals published by Springer, Cambridge University Press, Nature Publishing Group, Royal Society of Chemistry, AAAS (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), Oxford Journals Collection, APS (American physical society) etc.;
  • the possibility of information conversion into a single format is given there. The Library is fitted with the latest equipment for viewing, reading and recording information any format (audio, video, text). Modern technologies and equipment: scanners, printers, copiers, devices for recording information on memory cards are used there;
  • a professional photo scanner ATIZ Book Drive DIY for digitizing of the Fund and further development of the base "Electronic copies" is introduced to the work;
  • pen-scanners in order to prevent incorrect input of data and accelerate the work on creation of information databases of the Library are introduced to the work;
  • made the repository - Electronic Archive of Sumy State University. It includes publications of the scientific works of the Sumy State University faculty and staff members;
  • there is a renewed information site of the Library (www.library.sumdu.edu.ua), which allows users to navigate in the information space through the Internet. We leave such possibilities to our users: use of "Electronic Catalogue", Electronic Library, introduce with the Bulletin of new accessions, with the thematic databases of the Library, news, structure etc.;
    • there is access to scientific systems and repositories, limited resources, the electronic version of "Bulletins of Sumy State University," resources of the laboratory of remote education; contains references to the most famous Internet resources: sites of official institutions, Libraries of Ukraine, portals of authoritative Electronic Libraries, sites of periodicals etc.;
    • it’s the only library in Ukraine which provides free access to all electronic copies of works of scientific publications (3,5 thousand, the database is constantly replenished);
      127 AWP and area of wireless (wi-fi) access to the Internet provide access to resources. Use of the Internet is free of charge;
  • real conditions for use of the Library resources are created directly at the workplace – there are more than 3 000 computers in the University network and more than 100 computer classes.