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Reference Search System

Reference Search System is the basis of the Library that is a complex of traditional and electronic reference and bibliographic publications, Library catalogues and files.

Since 2002 traditional catalogues and files have replaced by an Electronic Catalogue, which includes a list of all registered documents. A description of the document is a component of the Electronic Catalogue.

FUNCTIONS OF THE ELECTRONIC CATALOGUE. These are an operational search of documents for their further order and ensuring on-line access to electronic copies of documents in the local network from all PC of the Library and University system, and in remote access through the Internet.

For a more effective search of documents in the structure of the Electronic Catalogue there are Classifiers which were created owing to the previous classification of documents on certain characteristics (subject, place of storage of documents etc.).

Means of document selection which are provided in the Electronic Catalogue on various grounds.

The search is possible by author, title, words from the title, the language of publication, year of publication, UDC, keywords, and also by kinds of documents: books, brochures, methodical materials, technical documents, CD books, audio books, articles from periodicals, theses (defense in SSU), author’s abstracts of theses from 1999 (defense on the territory of Ukraine), reports on science and research work of SSU, abstract journals, periodicals, bulletins of universities.

Electronic Catalogue is available from the local University network and the Internet.

The Fund of the Information-Bibliographic Department:

  • Publications of employees of SSU;
  • Publications of SSU;
  • Local lore editions:
  1. on  the history of Sumy and region: "Sumy Region in Names", "Sumy. By the Streets of Old Town", "Memory Book of Ukraine. Sumy Region", "The Book of Mourning of Ukraine. Sumy Region" and others.
  2. on  the history of the University: publications to the 60th anniversary "Sumy State University. History and Modernity", "Sumy State University in Names" etc.
  • Information and bibliographic publications of the Library:

Bulletin of new accesions
Current information lists
"Problems of Higher Education"
"Science of Ukraine"
"Modern Economics. Problems and Prospects "
"Sumy State University on Pages of the Press"
"New Trends in Diagnostics and Treatment"
Recommendatory lists
Recommendatory indexes
Bulletins of Library events

  • Reference editions:
  1. Encyclopedias: universal, branch, subject (over 400 items, including over 30 in electronic form with access in the local network of the University);
  2. Encyclopedic dictionaries: universal, branch (over 40 items, including 5 in electronic form with access in the local network of SSU);
  3. Dictionaries: explanatory, terminology, biographical (more than 1,3 thousand items, eference books: topical, professional (over 1,7 thousand items, including 41 in the eincluding 18 in electronic form with access in the  local network of SSU);Rlectronic form with access in the local network of SSU);
  • Geographical atlases ("Atlas of World", "General  Geographical Atlas of Ukraine")
  • Statistical publications ("Statistical Yearbook of Ukraine", "Statistical Yearbook of  Sumy Region")
  • Calendars (remarkable and memorable dates, events etc.)